The enemy of the State is the enemy of the Board

Rich or poor, pretty or ugly, or pretty ugly, it doesn’t matter. The common theme coursing through the malevolent vein of mankind seems to be the welcome acceptance, rather, embrace, of Life, as we are told we should live it.

For the rich and the beautiful, such Life is simple, for it chases them down and devours them before our eyes. Ensconced in their Ferraris and mansions, Life squeezes them out its pitted gullet for our low-minded amusement. For the poor, Life is a vain and draining aspiration. The poor make all the bad choices turned into low-brow clown mirror-images of the celebrity low-lifes.

Everyone tries to fulfill the fulfillment of Life as we are told it should be.

The wonderful thing about Life is that we lose conception of it and fixate on the dictum of Life as to its preferred image.

Life as we should live it takes precedent over reason. Life as we should live it becomes a purchase, a Good, that can be procured if one surrenders to the matrix with enough blind gusto and hollow passion. That Life can be yours but you fool yourself that it has meaning because you are hypnotized that that it has meaning. Thus, you devote meaningless time to its pursuit. Meaning begets meaningless when our minds our sick. You learn stupid shit in a stupid school in stupid courses and you finally graduate with a stupid degree, but you know what? You are still stupid.

You are a hollow soul.

You have not progressed beyond the altars of moral homogeneity.

You have nothing to give, nothing to teach. You are a pulsing robot.

Life has been boundaried by the Interests. Either you, 1) obey, or, 2) flounder.

The Interests don’t give a flying fuck about your individuality. They want you to join the Parade of Life and “happily” assume the idiot’s charade. This is the Life We Should Live. You have been forewarned.

The government, in 2013, an embodiment of the Corporation and global faceless behemoth, wants you to buy into the Life Paradigm and hence, the consumerist and unthinking Idiot’s Charade.

They want you to compete with your neighbor, so they implant petty jealousy. They want you to compete with your co-worker, so they implant blood-thirst.

And they want you to compete with your buddy, so they implant vanity.

The “interests,” the capitalist business infrastructure, wants you to compete with your own stupid interests. They proclaim the wonder of competition but only call upon it to suit their own use, not our higher calling.

You must live this Life. Fulfill it. Do all you can to swell it, teach your children the strength to eschew. Mock the preordained dream.

Sell your soul, blanch your identify, subsume You, to the matrix that is Life. Do not think. Do not be different or unique. The conservatives will ridicule your minor path. They will exact your originality against you.

You must fight back using their tool of entrenched chicken-shitty-dness!

Mostly, NEVER QUESTION. Our masters do not appreciate those who question and doubt.

Their pop culture sends us to the fringes. Their authoritarianism makes us enemies of the Board.

You have 2 options.

Live their Life.

Or be the Enemy.