The one thing Edward Snowden said…

Poor Edward Snowden.

I believe the reason he “came out” of hiding is not because he wants to be a public martyr or harbors personally grandiose motives. Snowden would have been content to remain anonymous the rest of his life. Nope, obviously the heat was too hot, and getting hotter. If he remained in hiding, he presented an anonymous target which could be disposed of without fanfare. The heat must have been intensifying. His only “chance” for survival, hence, a thorough facilitation of his mission, which was a public stage, was to “come out,” publicly.

Snowden must have reached a point where he realized his discovery and capture were inevitable. He probably had only two choices. Remain anonymous and allow the global police powers to snuff him out quietly and invisibly. No one would ever know the great “anonymous” Prism source was dead. The only other option was to go public and thus invite the spotlight of public attention, thus creating a well-known target for the powers that be who were surely hot on his tracks.

Snowden said something interesting to The Guardian in the interview published yesterday.

“You are not even aware of what is possible. The extent of their capabilities is horrifying. We can plant bugs in machines. Once you go on the network, I can identify your machine. You will never be safe whatever protections you put in place.”

This is the most obvious weapon the elites have. I think many of us realize it but happily stick our heads in the sand. Have you ever seen serial numbers that are etched on electronic equipment? They are like fingerprints. They are long complex alphanumeric strings that are obviously unique identifiers. They are electronic fingerprints. Your computer is unique. Your computer is a Goddamned snowflake. Yes, that computer you bought from Best Buy or Amazon identifies you as easily as your social security number or driver’s license. There is no anonymity if you use a computer you use to do anything remotely personal, ie, emails, banking, purchases, etc, and which you have purchased through the “system.” Your computer and all your transactions are a package that is attached uniquely to your identity. No computer is an island. I don’t care how “underground” you go, if you are using your own personal computer, you are leaving fingerprints and identify markers as wide as the Mojave desert.

There is no such thing as anonymity if you purchase your computer through the Grid and enter personal identifying information.

The only way to remain anonymous is to build a computer from scratch and purchase the individual parts separately, with cash, preferably black market and never use the computer for personal traffic. Once you have this computer in order and functioning, use anonymous proxy servers, use public wireless services, and stay away from cameras, but being that this is nearly impossible in Orwellian 2013, just disguise. And remember that your geographic location is a cinch for the men in black hats. In other words, don’t shit in your own backyard. This is the computer where you perform your subversive activity.

Bottom line. You are not anonymous. I’m “jus’ sayin’,” my fellow citizens. This is war, and guerilla tactics are in order.

And have an “exit strategy.” By this, I mean a chain reaction of cyber-transactions which are initiated if you are not around to routinely turn off the kill switch for another day. If you are “disappeared,” the identifying reaction begins the moment you fail to stop it. Make it as revealing as possible.

Not that any of this matters. It’s all a facade. Our privacy is a facade. Obama can go on camera right this fucking minute and tell you that as of 2100, PDT, you no longer have a Constitution. What are you going to do about it?? Not a thing. LOL.

Learn to love Dr. Strangelove!

Incidentally, I’m of such a paranoid mindset, that I wonder if Snowden is simply a very public honey pot. Even the paranoid maniacs are right some of the time.