Fuck Obamerica

Obamerica has turned into one big festering sore distended with copious amounts of pus and Holder. This administration has been given too much leverage by the hordes of adulating ignorant Democratic voters and sympathizers. In addition, they feed off the resolutely pathetic offerings of the Republican Party that-no-one-came-to. We are completely screwed. Obamerica is the nail in the coffin that our leaders have slowly been constructing from bony scraps scavenged from the pyre of the United States’ ashen spirit.

Obamerica is that apocalyptic land where the Democrats begin acting like paranoid hawks in order to cement more intrusion into our lives and dilution of our Constitution. And Republicans stand for a lot of vague stupidity backed by such illustrious figureheads as a bimbo from the union’s most barren state or a redneck from Texas who is nothing but a media corporatist minion in disguise. This country is dying quickly. The government has seen fit to unilaterally make all decisions for us, not with us (us being the People). The government, like some rambling, vast bureaucratic HR department, is convinced it has our best interests and safety at heart (that is what they sell, anyway, to the fools who buy it) and it coerces such inglorious institutional revamping in order to carry out this Mommy policy.

Our government is dead. Obamerica is the first overt sign of this, but of course, Obama gets away with it because the atmosphere of our time tells us that the great black hope is untouchable and to be revered for his cryptic and unproven intelligence and wisdom.

The sore is deep and cannot be remedied with ointment or other BS topical applications.

That sucker must be lanced. The United States will never be better. Masses of stupid egotistical men are incapable of displaced improvement. Even if we miraculously “fix it,” the scar will remain on our cultural landscape forever.

CNN story on Jeep incident goes up in flames

What sinister ministrations are going on at CNN?

I was reading an online story concerning exploding Jeeps and the similarity to the haunted Ford Pinto of the 1970s, when I caught a very odd word choice. Not a typo, but the clueless introduction of a word whose macabre context sounds of inhuman origins.

Is CNN using robots/text generating software to write some of its copy?

Or Indians? Granted, Indians are allegedly human but they seem less so when they are doing Americans’ work in their robotic shit farms thousands of miles from our shores. What is going on?

Has CNN been overrun with writers from The Onion or adolescent Redditors from the I’mGoingToHellForThis subreddit?

The story begins with the recount of Jenelle Embrey who was driving separately from her friends. They followed in a Jeep and everything Embrey saw happened in her rear-view mirror. On a Virginia highway, she saw the Jeep get rear-ended and quickly become engulfed in flames, killing two of the people who had survived the initial impact. Embrey’s father, Harry Hamilton, ran to the Jeep and heroically broke out windows and pulled at least one person to safety. Hamilton speaks of the horror of watching them burn to death, and the effect the experience had on his life.

Desperate to help, her father, Harry Hamilton, ran to the Jeep and broke the windows with his bare hands.
He pulled Zackary Santor out alive. But Heather Santor, his mother, could not be saved. Nor could the other young passenger, Acoye Breckenridge.
“He was hollering and screaming and waving his hands,” Hamilton recalled. “And his head — the back of his head was burning.”
Hamilton says the wreck was a searing experience.

Bold is my own!

I can’t believe any English-speaking human journalist would use a word with such twisted connotations in describing the traumatic mental effects someone experienced after watching people burn to death. It’s oblique gallows humor that probably went unnoticed by most. Only non-human entities or Indians would do this!

Screen shot in case the suspect wording ever gets pulled!