A couple of Mexicans out by TKO in SoCal

Yesterday was a rough day for my middle-aged SoCal carnales!

Seems that a couple of Mexican guys let their macho delusions get the better of them as they tried to contend with younger, stronger, fiercer physical combatants. Listen up HBDers with aggrieved places in your little coal-covered hearts for the Mexican people (and I know you’re out there). Gloat and enjoy the fumes of pugilistic victory as you witness 2 incidents in which the White man lays waste to the Mexican in embarrassing and videoed bouts of ass-whooping. It’s ugly.

In the first case, a road rage feud between a big rig and a car culminated in a freeway altercation between Richard Brun and Denny Saavedra southeast of Los Angeles on the 405 freeway. Saavedra, the truck driver, threatened Brun with a lead pipe, and allegedly struck him with it as well. In the roadway events leading to the fight, Saavedra is also accused of throwing an object at Brun’s car. Brun is supposedly a “body guard to the stars” and he seemed the more confident and self-assured of the two combatants. He easily out-muscled and overpowered the older and slighter Saavedra. As most street fights usually do, it ended in a one-sided wrestling match with the victor subduing the prey in a powerful vise grip. White guy, 1, Mexican guy, 0. Game over.

The second embarrassing debacle occurred a couple hours earlier on the grounds of South Pasadena Middle School. Three skateboarders, allegedly high school students from the neighboring city of Alhambra, were using the stairs and rails at South Pas to test their skating agility when school janitor, Lupe Garcia, asked them to leave. The skateboarders gave him lip and were typically defiant and obnoxious about it. Garcia appears to have instigated the altercation, and the ensuing scuffle resulted in his facial injuries and hospitalization. Garcia seems to do well in the beginning but his slow reactions and lagging physical state make him vulnerable to a flurry of open punches from the young boarder. Not quite the ass-thrashing that Saavedra received, but still pretty bad considering that Garcia started the fight because of his touchy sensitivities that lured him to cave to the teen’s verbal abuse. White (I think) guy, 1, Mexican guy, 0. Game over.

Match over.

The Mexican men are shut out, and in an embarrassingly public manner.

How terrible it must be to see your ass-kicking replayed constantly on local news, and furthermore, to still face charges because you started the fight. The biggest humiliation for a man is to start a fight that he loses. This happened to me in the 6th grade. I started a fight with a guy who was walking in front of us after school. Little did I know he was a golden gloves boxer. He punched a hole in my face. I got whipped.

But I was young, a kid, and so was he.

Middle-aged Mexican men just need to chill and leave their petty touchiness at home. It’s rough getting old. Your body has lost its zing. Your reflexes are sluggish and your speed is in a comical state of disrepair. Young dudes can kick your ass with a flick of the finger.

Hang up the macho gloves!