That certain class of people who must never be allowed in Las Vegas

There’s a class of people that suffers from a dearth of civilized self-restraint.

Actually, they aren’t the ones who suffer; it’s the rest of society that does, for it must pay the price of this class’s inability to discipline itself.

This class, perhaps through faulty and incomplete upbringing, has not internalized the ability or self-motivation to conjure a working set of guiding principles that dictate acceptable behavior independent of external pressures. This class spawns the type of people that will try to “get away” with whatever it can merely because the opening presents itself. These people, this group, lacks the self-perpetuated desire to exist peacefully within a disparate society and worse yet, lacks the self-reinforcing sense of pride that comes from acting as an autonomously structured group.

In other words, this class of people must be watched vigilantly, for if they sense that they are hidden from sight, even for a moment, they will impulsively assume they can get away with anything, and furthermore, they will attempt anything it takes to immediately gratify their base needs. For these people are base. They are depraved and possess the conscientiousness of delinquent children.

I’ve even known such people, I’m sorry to say. I’ve worked with such folks. As soon as they sense a lack of supervision, they begin acting up and try and get away with any number of things that conscience tells normal people must not be taken advantage simply because of their illicit availability.

This class of people has no morals. It lacks an immutable sense of cooperative cultural guidelines. As far as they are concerned, all’s fair game when the cat is away.

They have no inner sense of polite limits. The worst thing is when this class of people are thrust into situations where there is little or no supervision or policing. They are so untrustworthy and opportunistic that they should really be locked up, sequestered from mannerly society, because they will always drag the bar down very low to their immoral subterranean level. If 95% of the people are leading an orderly life, this class is the 5% who will take advantage of the rest who persist in abiding by rules and standards of discipline. This class of people are sharks. They are dangerous and are prone to wantonly wreck havoc on those who value a society of mutual trust and cooperation.

The worst place this class of people can end up is in Las Vegas. Yet, by by virtue of its nefarious reputation, many of those belonging to this class of people are drawn to the big toilet in the Nevada desert because of its unlimited offers of unchecked behavior.

Las Vegas is that one semi-anarchic spot in the United States where most social and legal order appears to take a holiday. You are allowed certain freedoms in Vegas that are harder to come by in the rest of the country. It is a despicable city engorged with despicable people; people who perhaps are not as despicable when they are back home, but Las Vegas, because of its no-holds-barred vibe, releases many otherwise well-mannered people from the shackles of typical self-restraint. Las Vegas is one big douchey desert mirage. As I mentioned, the atmosphere there is one of semi-anarchy and the city exudes the squalor of misbehavior; which is simultaneously accepted, and even subtly encouraged (“what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”). As such, those visiting the city must hunker down and exert some measure of self-control because Las Vegas is rich in cheap temptation. For the most part, people display some maturity when confronted with the distracting lure of Las Vegas abandon, but the class of people I spoke of earlier is unable to do so when confronted with Las Vegas. They come here to live a life of no limits and they bring their sense of immorality and opportunism. It’s like throwing a couple of 9-year-old children into a locked house and telling them their parents will be home in a few days. You imply they can do anything they want now; and they will.

A certain class of people in Las Vegas will scrape the muddy depths of unleashed behavior there just because they can.