The Journalitia vs The Police. The “re-radicalization” of blogging?

A great find by a blog I’ve denigrated remorselessly, laist, showcasing a video slice-of-life from a recent forum hosted by something strangely called the Society of Professional Journalists and its rambunctious San Diego chapter. San Diego doesn’t get press for this, but it is truly the Right-Wing loony bin of the extreme southwestern United States. During the forum, several dinosaurs spoke and illuminated us with their antiquated notions of every American citizen’s right to enlightenment and opinion.

The video:

Most flagrantly conservative was the faux nymp-lesbo who went first, Jan Caldwell. Most blogdom went crazy about her comments which, I will admit, were probably the most repulsively cyber archaic, however, the ensuing panel speakers were not so versed in modernity either.

Caldwell, with her weird fluttery bangs dancing military-like across her serious man face, reiterated that she was a “mirror” of us (reporters and, ahm, bloggers); in other words, she would treat us like we treated her. She had a defensive boner. Major penis envy from this law enforcement chick. They are all alike.

The face of law enforcement in the year 2013. Alienating liberals and conservatives, alike.

I’ve predicted here that the day law enforcement begins to treat Libs and Cons as the group “opposition” is the day that civil revolt is at hand. This will be the day we can finally proclaim that police forces across America have become corporatized watchdogs for the elites. The way officer Caldwell spews her shit, it’s obvious she, and the SD Sheriff, have no regard for the common man. She speaks for the elites. And she taunts us. She basks in her stupid PIO (public information officer) role and essentially tells us that she is the only real source of information in town. Speaking from the formal, journalistic viewpoint, that is true, but most journalism with an edge gets the best information from “non-official” sources now. Take that, “Jan.” The blogosphere has bred a culture of Deep Throats.

Later in her spiel, she devolves into a strange rant about bloggers who weigh 500+ pounds and wear “fuzzy slippers.” Oh, and they use Apple laptops.

Damnit, I wish I had one. I sure don’t have any fuzzy slippers but I’ll pass on those.

Her condescending, 1980s-style condemnation of a citizen Journalitia is embarrassing to watch. This is how police “think.” It is a snapshot of our police protectors. Police are the only people still mired in the antiquated notions of society. Police have no idea what goes on in the deeper recesses of cultural think; they deal with street ruffians daily and this becomes their life, their existence. Police are estranged from the other half of life. Organized police do not have the ability to shift with the sands of social change.

Police are the most closed-minded entities in the civilized world. Jan Caldwell displays this in the most exemplary fashion. She is a cultural Luddite!

Look, I hate the way society has evolved. I don’t have a smart phone, I don’t give a crap about pop culture, and I sit here distancing myself from mass idiocy whenever I can and boast of it, even, but I know where I stand in the grand scheme of things. I rant, I rave, I opine, but ultimately, I believe I refrain from that preachy bullshit. If I’m using this blog as a forum to discount your legitimacy because of what you wear or what you believe, please tell me. I’m an open-minded lecher.

Caldwell is a closed-minded lecher, just like all her other badge-wearing hooligans.

My favorite moment, however, was lost in the shuffle. It was something the second speaker, Darren Pudgil, a former spokesman for the San Diego mayor’s office, said.

“Well, there’s a growing number of bloggers.”

Wow, it’s great one of these people acknowledge the Journalitia.

“People have computers, laptops, can be sending stuff out all the time.”

Bold is mine:

“For us, we look at the entity. What type of audience does the media outlet have. How large? What type of reach do they have? Is there just a single guy out there…most of the bloggers are a little…’out there.’ And aren’t really informed, and have agendas.”

Ah yes, bloggers are the pot smokers of 2013. Bloggers are the individualists, the lone wolves, the separatist thinkers. All the shit elitist police militias hate.

Bloggers are the counter-cultural journalists and police are THE CULTURE. They can’t fathom or humor anything but.

It’s 2013…has blogging become radical again?