Ass Cams and the somewhat gradual decline of civilization

Too many guys (yours truly, included) tend to fixate on the Ugly and the Lesbian. We have this freaky habit of treating them as harbingers of a modern female dystopia.

Read Chateau or any other MRA site and you will see. Ugly, fat women are painted as the scourge of modern civilization. If the downfall of our society could be pinpointed to any one “type,” it would be the fat, ugly woman. Chateau, et al, make a franchise of harboring groups of allies around the rejection of such women en masse. They don’t stop with the fat chicks. It’s all self-congratulatory bullshit because by “downvoting” the plain, normal woman in such an excruciating display of high-school level cruelty, men act as if they are asserting some fleeting sense of power. The problem is, it is at the expense of everyday women who are the least inclined to truly wield any gender-revolutionizing or boardroom power. Hot women are much more likely to advance in the supposed “male” world than a plain Jane who never showcases any of her physical attributes.

In fact, the women I work with who ascend to “upper” levels of management, regardless of whether they are hot or not, have one conspicuous thing in common: they know how to behave and dress in a manner which differentiates themselves in a femininely aggressive manner from their male counterparts. This includes, first and foremost, super high heels. This seems to be the common differentiation modern corporate women use to separate themselves from suits while simultaneously finding a common ground by which she can assert exclusive feminine power and control. Women by and large do not attain executive class without flaunting whatever they got, even if it isn’t very much. For instance, I work with a skinny big-nosed Jewish broad who would be nothing to look at normally but who has learned to accentuate the feminine “fuck-me” uniqueness of her body and as such, generates an Alpha image that works in the corporasphere to offset the male influence.

Ultimately, women mimic what men like, regardless of how ambitious or liberated they might claim to be. Their entire persona is structured around male attention. Women ultimately play to carnal male malice. Women instinctively know what works. Those who are especially ambitious have overcome the shamelessness and boldness which normally impede such displays. Most genetically hot women have integrated this mindset and have no problem flaunting their physique in a conspicuous gesture of attention seeking. They learned this behavior from day 1 when daddy went out of his blubbering way to remind her that she was a snowflake, and she never looked back.

Chateau can go on, and his readers/commenters can belabor the point until they soil their tighty whities, but the truth is we have nothing to fear from fat and homely women. They wield little power in the evolutionary dance and ultimately are at man’s mercy. The dystopian nature of society does little to reinfoce the lack of credibility they bring to the mating ring. The truly dangerous are the one’s Roissy and his ignorant minions proclaim as the standard by which all “real Alpha men” should prove their manhood: hot chicks.

These are who men should fear because they mirror and echo the dystopian vision of gender reality in 2012. These are the women who will truly fuck civilization up (and are capable of it).

For instance, there are these British attention whores who thought it would be amusing to hook up a couple of “ass cams” to their guess what’s?

Yes, in a feat of scientifically controlled field study, they walked around town with cameras sitting on their ass while daring to act indignant that their asses were concomitantly attracting attention.

They are hot. I will admit this.

Here is the video of their “GTA” walk through in Los Angeles.

Yeah. The camera was sufficiently inconspicuous that most of the reactions, out of visual range, were assuredly the responses of mesmerized men who can’t help their instinctual reactions to such a hot, curvy ass.

Is this so bad?

Of course not. The lucid remnants of humanity know this. But Gawker is not lucid, nor is it humanity. It represents all that is wrong with pussymunching pop-culture. They chose to air this video under this banner and showcased it as an abhorrent display of the male tendency to “leer.”

In fact, Gawker’s opener was this: A model in Los Angeles used a hidden camera to prove a point we’ve known all along — straight guys look at women’s asses way more often than they should.

“…they should?”

How is this?

Gawker, populated by attention whores, stupid women, and their meek male enablers, has established with no amount of certainty, that men are “wrong” to glance at women’s asses, and thus finding they like what they see, staring for a period of more than 3 seconds.

This is so European of Gawker.

It is also anti-evolutionary of Gawker, but this is a normal stance of the site who prides itself in predating Western social trends.

Who in the world would give a camera to a bimbo with a nice ass (and an ego to match) and unleash her upon the social plains in order to debunk the propriety of primal male behavior?

I like asses. In fact, I’m an ass man.

When a really nice one walks by, I tend to to divert my stare. I’m more subdued than most guys, but still, I don’t resist.

We are men!

Gawker and other female avenues of self-absorbed existence will see to it that the male imperative is all but squashed. It’s a female reaction but in typical female fashion, it is short-sighted and moronic and excruciatingly self-serving.

A chick once boasted to me that women are long-term thinkers because they worry about retirement. What utter bullshit. They are only long-term thinkers insofar as their present preoccupations are concerned. I have often sensed that women are not overly concerned about the “tomorrow” in and of itself. Long-term thinking involving the broadest scheme of civilization. Women only care about their direct spawn.

Men are the only capable of contemplating the fate of civilization.

Chateau and company, by concentrating on the creme de la crop of females, are also perpetuating the strength and self-reflective wonderfulness of hot women that they know is true. These weak men, by their conspicuous actions, merely serve to adulate the ideal feminine form without demanding more. In essence, perpetuating the vacuousness of female nature they criticize. And we are left with women who tie cameras to their asses.

Good job, PUA/MRA guys. Raising the bar!