Meaning for the godless man

I often wonder what is the value and meaning of things. This is what differentiates a man of god from a man who is not of god, doesn’t it? The definition of spirit comes down to value vs meaning, and how meaning supersedes, or doesn’t, the objective value of an item.

I look at a tree and its value, to me, is its objective and sensory trademarks. It is a large appendage of vegetation growing from the soil. It has branches and, depending on the season, an array of colored leaves. It is home to birds and insects. It thrives on photosynthesis. This is the value of the tree to me, and thus, its meaning.

But those whose estimation of value and meaning overlap completely are the godless. Those who believe in spirits and gods see a deviation in the value of something versus the meaning of something.

You might think this presents a problem when describing loved ones for a godless man. After all, their value is just skin and bones, right? Cartilage, tissue, blood. These are objective values so am I saying then that the meaning of a loved one is just that: of an assemblage of physical items lacking any meaning other than their irreducible physical nature? I would not say this. I would say that in the case of a loved one, their meaning takes precedence and literally steers their value. The value of those bones and tissues are a precious gem that you behold and cling closely for the meaning of that biological assemblage dictates that its very structure is ethereal and precious to you.

Value nor meaning are immutable common denominators. Both are subject to fluid adaptions based on their role in your life.

Now if you’re a man of god, a loved one’s meaning is spiritual and their body, their shell, their value, has no bearing on their meaning for that is a spiritual endowment. Value is non-existent in such a world for meaning is what defines life. To the man of god.