Mexico’s dark mayhem

Yet more dark mayhem going down in Mexico. Mexico is absolutely whacked. Behind the serene worshipful placidity of crosses and Catholic sermons and old ladies with rosaries clutched to their chins, lies a vast evil purgatorial wasteland of fallen angels and those people who displace their religious fervor on the dark prince in the hope he can help foster their illegal earthly activities.

In the latest occult mindfuck, 8 people from the same family in the state of Sonora have been arrested for the sacrificial murders of 3 people, including two 10-year-olds. The murders/sacrifices were committed for the benefit of the Santa Muerte, the saint of death, in what worshipers believe they will receive in exchange, which is protection for the mortals on earth and their activities which I guess don’t include merely cropping the land for food.

Mexicans love death. Mexicans sanctify death and celebrate its imagery. Death is a personified embodiment. Mexico is our neighbor, but in many ways it is a completely alien civilization next to our’s. The character of Mexican culture barely resembles that of America’s. Mexicans are involved in the mystical and rely enormously on magic, both white and black. I knew a Mexican chick who, on the surface always spoke of god this and god that, but she was just a big hypocrite because she was a vile whore and plus she spent so much money and time visiting witch doctors who she always referred to mysteriously as “Don….” or “Doña…” They told her the future. They advised her. They shaped her life through occult force for a price and the right offerings. She believed this stuff intently. She claimed to have asked for a spell to get rid of our boss (we worked together) and within months, our boss was released. I found that curious though I’m not a believer. This chick embodied the chaotic spirit of the typical Mexican. Funny that a country whose roots rest in Catholicism and strikes one as sturdily parochial, still produces some of the most dark mayhem on the planet.

A lot of it seems to emerge in Northern Mexico. In fact, Northern Mexico is home to the most infamous case of sacrificial murders of all, the Matamoros murders named after the large city which sits across the mouth of the Rio Grande River from Brownsville, Texas.

The son of a Cuban immigrant, Adolfo Costanzo moved to Mexico City in the 1980’s and masterminded a ring of drugs, black magic and corruption. It wasn’t until an American by the name of Mark Kilroy disappeared during Spring Break in 1989 near the Matamoros border, thus pressuring the American government to force the Mexicans to crack down on the ritualistic disappearances that had gone unreported for some time in that area. According to the “Hollywood Unmasked” link above, when Mexican authorities finally found Kilroy, he was dead. In addition, they discovered,

The bodies of dozens of people were found mutilated and sacrificed in occult rituals used for blessings over drug manufacturing. Carlos Tapia, Chief Deputy of Cameron County, Texas, remembers his shocking investigation. He stated:

“I thought in my twenty two years of law enforcement I had seen everything. I hadn’t. As we drew near, you could smell the stench…blood and decomposing organs. In a big, cast iron pot there were pieces of human bodies and a goat’s head with horns.”

Authorities also discovered an assortment of “voodoo paraphernalia,” a blood splattered altar of sacrifice, cheap rum, human body parts, animal bones, chicken and goat heads, as well as the witch’s cauldron filled with the foul mixture of blood and flesh.

Once again, the theme of human sacrifice to the devil is in the details. Costanzo and his operation grabbed locals from the surrounding streets and commenced to mutilate and sacrifice them to Satan in return for protection of their drug supply.

And now, the current incident in Sonora sounding an awful lot like Matamoros. The dark mayhem raises its head. This time, the dead bodies were found in a small town by the name of Nacozari de Garcia, about 150 miles north of Hermosillo and about 70 miles south of Douglas, Arizona. The first victim is believed to have been killed in 2009, the most recent, this month. After the victims were killed, their blood was offered to the altar of the Santa Muerte.

Mexico is the land of superstition, but what makes it scary is that it is interlaced with a heartless carnage driven by greed. Black magic is harnessed to protect illegal stores of banned materials. Mexico has turned into one very large slasher movie. People get stabbed, burned, beheaded, delimbed, tortured, defaced…

The Mexican character is mystical. We dote on the darkest levels.

Even the name “Matamoros” sounds foreboding. It means “Kills Moors.”