Those who would be cops

By now anyone who has even the most cursory interest in current events has heard of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting tragedy that happened in Sanford, Florida almost a month ago.

The pace of the unfolding circumstances and the compounding public interest in the events that culminated in the 17-year-old’s shooting death at the hands of the zealous Neighborhood Watch charlatan seems to be accelerating as the details slowly seep into the public consciousness. The incident is so rife with a potpourri of pertinent and modern sociological problems that to write about the incident at length is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Where do we begin? Even the shooter, aspiring cop, George Zimmerman, is Hispanic. What the hell is up with that name. Zimmerman is as White as you can possibly get. George Zimmerman obviously inherited a fiercely Hispanic phenotype. The guy looks more Hispanic than a lot of Hispanics.

No, I don’t really need to talk about the incident. There are many who talk about it at length and more wisely than I. But it does bring to mind something I often wonder about certain folks.

Namely, there are reports Zimmerman “dreamed” of being a cop. He was not one, however. He was a fuck up who had a previous assault on a police officer conviction expunged from his rap sheet. That’s serious business! How does a guy get something like that expunged? This is how he was able to legally purchase a firearm, one that he paraded around with in his little Floridian gated fiefdom. He fancied himself a man of the badge. I can picture him. These types are everywhere. Prospective (ie, failed) policemen who can never summon the will or normality to complete the required steps to righteously wear an honest-to-god police badge. Instead they languish on Neighborhood Watch patrols or as dorky security guards driving around in a golf cart at the mall. The only thing scarier than cops are those who have unfulfilled aspirations of being cops.

Who dreams of being a cop anymore? Why would anyone have such dreams in our jaded, cynical era? Maybe in the past people could lie and say they wanted to become a policeman for all the noble reasons (and bullshit) – to help others, to make society safer… Uh, that stuff doesn’t fly anymore. People just want to become cops because most of them are closet goons, really. Isn’t that the case? In a lazy society of easy spoils and complacency, mean men have nowhere to channel their aggression. So they become cops or soldiers. Zimmerman obviously fit the bill.

Police officers should be drafted from the civilian rolls in the same way the military draft worked. If our police forces are manned by a captive population, you’d see less acting out and more humble self-awareness of their tremendous power as gun-carrying upholders of the law. But an elective police force creates dastardly power hungry lunatics. They are the type who relish the role of neighborhood paramilitary corps entrusted with the plastic badge code of honor. They call 911 constantly and are suspicious of every little fly that ricochets in the wrong direction. They are scared people and capable of flying off the handle at the slightest provocation. They are nervous. Zimmerman was asked to stand down by the police dispatcher. He didn’t because he was on a mission.

This is our police, minus a few loose screws.