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Look, I don’t pretend to be what I’m not. One thing I can proudly boast is that I have very little self-delusion. To a fault. One intrinsic characteristic of inflated self-esteem is self-delusion. Not me, I have none.


I am unable to exude the facade that what I write here is of utmost importance or seriousness. I have my opinions, beliefs, blah blah, but c’mon, this a blog for chrissakes. There is no editorial staff, no publisher. It’s an army of one: ME. That says it all.


Which means I can write about any stupid shit I feel at the moment without 3rd party moderated repercussions.


Look at this photo.
I have a lot to say about it. I feel strongly about it.





This was a view out my street window this morning. I took this photo of the curb area on my side of street and the one on the opposite side of the street. There are 2 cars I want to point out for scrutiny. Study them because I have a lot to say about them.


First, the silver Kia belongs to my neighbors. They are an older couple. They are friendly and relatively unobtrusive. They keep to themselves. The black Scion across the street belongs to a visitor I see haunting a doorway around here, a 20-something Hispanic girl.


Now this is a pet peeve: the way people park their car on streets where parking is limited. My neighborhood is one such place. Very few people use their garages here and everyone fights for a good street spot. This being said, you would think people might be a little thoughtful/considerate/mindful of how they park their damned car as it impacts everyone else looking to park in the same vicinity. In other words, the intelligent person with foresight and presence of mind attempts to conserve space when parking on a street where space is limited and everyone is looking to park as well. Don’t you think? It’s common courtesy. Street parking in such a situation is like a puzzle in which you attempt to fit the most pieces into a limited space. It takes awareness and ingenuity. And deliberate consideration of the surrounding environment.


Apparently, this is asking too much. I can’t believe how many people are simply dumb and blind as rocks when it comes to strategic street parking. They don’t look at the big picture and are ignorant to the fact that they are not the only people on this planet. Whether through idiocy or thoughtlessness, they park like morons. Rather than placing their car in a compact, space-saving manner as possible, they heedlessly park smack dab in the middle without giving any thought to that fact that perhaps they need to conserve space for the cars who seek to park behind or in front of them.


Sorry to say, my nice neighbors are merely representative of most who it seems just don’t get it as judging by the manner most people street park. Look at that the parking in this photo. They parked way too far from the edge, but still too close to allow another car to fit. No one on this Goddamned street drives a Smart Car. Or a motorcycle. My nice neighbor has essentially hogged up 2 or 2 1/2 good spots by not using their head when they parked like this. It’s embarrassing. Didn’t they think of this before they pulled up to the curb? Did they consider for a moment that maybe someone else would need to squeeze into this common area as well? And they are not alone. I encounter this all the time. People are plainly ignorant and have no awareness of the world around them. Inconsiderate.


I like this photo because it offers a stark contrast to a mere rarity across the street. Someone who actually uses their head when parking. Someone who “gets” it. Someone who is mindful of the world beyond the car windows. The Hispanic girl with the Scion is smart and aware. Look at how she parked. She is using space wisely, to the extreme. This is how I prefer to park myself when I use the street instead of the garage. I try to park as close to the curve as possible without overhanging so that I create the most efficient curb environment possible. I’ve counted the number of cars that have been able to park in front at one time when the edge parker uses their space fully…up to 6 cars can park. Conversely, I’ve seen as few as 4 cars parked when the edge parker is as moronic as my neighbors in the silver car. It’s just common sense, but apparently, that is a rare commodity. No one has it.


Perhaps this sounds like a trivial bitchfest, but this parking phenomena is indicative of repulsively self-involved human nature. My nice neighbors are the rule, not the exception. By focusing on a what may seem innocuous human habits, there is something to be learned as well. I’m reminded of how some metropolitan police departments devote task forces to enforcing and observing minor scofflaw violations because by doing so they believe such police work helps expose the scope of minor violations into the apprehension of more serious criminals with warrants. The thinking goes that hardcore criminals are more likely to be fare jumpers than the average law-abiding citizen. Or less likely to wear seat belts. By cracking down on such infractions, the police are in effect also combing the streets indirectly for serious criminals. A workaround to “profiling.”


And by concentrating on idiotic, commonplace human behavior, like disregarding the needs of others when it comes to something as simple as street parking, we are glimpsing the true nature of Man which is that he is plainly stupid, short-sighted and neglectful of the role of others as they are affected by his own displaced actions.