Moneyball as an allegory vs Moneyball as a baseball story

She is everywoman. Beyond that, she is everyman. This is the problem. She is so typically…typical. Average. Able to function well in this society because society rewards the average with the utmost illogical favor. She is nice and intelligent enough to exist adequately in this world. She is not stupid, but she is lazy and ignorant. Ignorance is a form of laziness, of the mental and intellectual type. She’s lazy and a bit opportunistic. I will not single her out because, as I said, she is in fact everywoman, and everyman. She typifies us. I look at her, speak with her, and I am witnessing the embodiment of modern society and its whims and desires. She is not outstanding in any respect save her astounding levels of average. If striving to be normal amid the legions of modern civilized inhabitants, then in fact, she is quite successful. In that respect only.

She is a mirror into our collective soul.

Her gripes and pleasures and joys and needs are those of our humanity at large. She is the reflection of our culture that I’m not familiar with.

So a few weeks ago I saw the movie Moneyball. I raved about it. Said it was one of my 10 favorite movies in recent history. I raved about it! This girl had not seen it but was curious. I guess. The other day, she watched it with her husband. Asked me, “Didn’t you say you liked Moneyball?” Eager to emphasize my lust for the movie, I said yes, yes, I loved it.

“Ew I hated it! It was so boring!” she moaned. She couldn’t sit through the entire movie. Brad Pitt wasn’t sexy in his role, and she doesn’t even like sports that much. I tried to reason with her. I tried to make her see the light. I dumbed down my words and explanations even. You gotta dumb down your words and thoughts when speaking with everywoman and everyman because they don’t understand the subterranean layer of comprehension that intelligent forms of art exist in. The best movies and other art which contend for cultural supremacy have the uncanny ability to appeal to everyman and everywoman on a superficial entertaining level of surface impressions, one these types of people can only appreciate, while simultaneously, belting out some obscure, meta concepts that only the most perceptive see.

I emphasized that the movie was more than just about baseball. I explained Moneyball was making a statement about how we’ve eschewed the intuitive, holistic knowledge of the past (OK, I did NOT talk like this to her) for the modern quant mentality of over analysis and excessive reliance on computational knowledge and quantification of all aspects of human intuition. I told her that Moneyball was about the new human virtue of trying to pin a value on aspects of life that are best left to being discerned by searing knowledge and experiential observation, entities which we, as a technologically dependent race, are now hesitant to entrust. We trust in computer programs and Excel formulas rather than in our inherent “deconstructive” intelligence and ability to parse out meaning and patterns from globs of human(us) sensory perception. Nope, I told her Moneyball was not about baseball, it was about the evolution of humanity into stupefied button-pushing robots who lazily flee from thinking because machines and formulas can do the thinking for us.

I told her all this, but dumbed it down. Everywoman can’t comprehend, nor wants to comprehend, such concepts. Everywoman enjoys movies on a superficial level of visceral entertainment. On the most blatant dimension, Moneyball is about baseball and Brad Pitt. But only on the outermost layer of skin. The problem is, everywoman and everyman only operates and perceives only as deeply as this outer layer of skin. Everywoman has no desire to unearth the many layers which subsist below the surface, the layers which behold the larger, persistent view. The layers that disentangle phenomena on the far-reaching plane of humanity as a whole.

Everywoman didn’t care what I told her. The movie bored her.

This is why the oligarchs and elitist tyrants who rape our society will continue to do so without fear of arrest or lynching. Not enough people care enough to dig below the onion’s surface on a massive level that can make a difference. People prefer to be dazzled by idiocy than suffer for insight.

They just want to enjoy the onion but none of the deeper, hidden flavors, scents and textures. Everywoman ultimately is not rigorously demanding in the intellectual or spiritual sense. They are only demanding in the superficial, cosmetic sense that looks good to sellers and purveyors of trivial cultural garbage.