The Nike hordes

Yet some more Nike madness, in Orlando, this time around. The hoopla now concerns a seriously overpriced, ugly piece of footwear that glows in the dark and is part of a lame Nike marketing “all-star” blitz that showcases themes inspired by space exploration. $220 will buy you this monstrosity, and due to their limited release, if you’re lucky enough to get your paws on a pair, you can probably sell them on E-bay for over a couple thousand dollars.

They are butt-ugly. Nike’s typical jargon-laced advertising hypnosis describes the shoes in a hyperactive description that appeals to the shoes-as-high-tech athletic ability-enabling demographic.

The demographic.

Orlando police, clad in riot gear, crashed the crowd which had gathered outside a Foot Locker at Florida Mall about 9pm to wait for what they believed would be the midnight release of the atrocious “Foamposite One” Nike shoe. Other Nike-driven consumer frenzies have exploded around the country in the last several months. People not only seem wlling to battle like Vikings to get their hands on the precious footwear, they also don’t appear to mind spending hundreds of dollars for shoes only a ghetto mother can love.

I’ve never understood the visceral attraction of these horrid shoes. But it’s simple. They are gaudy bling. This is why they are so popular among certain “types.”

I find the Nike hordes disgusting and embarrassing. They embody the lowest revolting depths of blind, lemming behavior. The Nike riots are a distasteful comment on our blindly consumerist commercialized society. Nike is at the forefront, but surely not alone. They have the whole “farm your manufacturing out to some poor shit country where they can build your crap product cheaply and sell it to the delusional saps back home who have no common sense” thing down pat.

Nikes are bling. They are gold-plated [FILL IN THE BLANK].

The fervor these shoes evoke says something about a little of all of us. I don’t know what they say about all of us.

They say something about Black and Hispanics. The swarm of Nike soldiers on display in the video attached to the Sentinel article are largely Black, and I wonder how many of the “whites” are just Hispanic. In fact, 2 of the participants quoted in the article have Spanish surnames.

They say something about the hypnotic blind consumerist rage that compels people to coalesce into large, barbaric mobs, be it Black Friday or the grand release of Nike’s newest class robbery. A reversal of the Robin Hood dynamic.

What they say about our youth. This is self-apparent. The shoe is a youth brand. You don’t hear about crowds of teenagers breaking down the doors to get into the New Balance store upon the release of a new shoe model. Who cares how expensive or tacky the shoe looks to the uninitiated outsider. It is a powerful signalling device for youth, and Nike leeches off this herd mentality to fulfill its capitalistic havoc.

The Nike destruction then blossoms at the intersection of these three population inroads. Young minorities eager to don expensive bling in order to signal a committment to the ghetto way of life. This is the Nike target audience. We are witnessing as an elitist organization of bloodthirsty sharks who benefit by the propagation of economic misery in a diseased underclass that lives from one ostentatious display of falsity to the next, all behind the cloud of “possessions as identity.”

The strategy, unwritten, perhaps unspoken, is to group such bands of hoodlums together with the common purpose of procuring overpriced shoes, and their reckless marauding is inevitable if the product is kept tantalizingly scarce. Police storm in, maybe one or two of the hoodlums is killed or hurt. No big loss. Chalk it up to free advertisement and it is coming soon to your town! Irresponsibility and avarice at the top foster the same at the bottom, but the complexion is much different, isn’t it?