Anarchistic dimensions

And from one of the most astute books I’ve read, this passage greeted me this morning. It resonated with me. It struck that “magicaL” chord for it synchronized with a special exclusive derangement about life I’ve always entertained without sharing. My own personal experience revealed to no one but me. And as such, silence, perturbed, alienated. And then, given public expression, suddenly a wave of justification upon reading the passage.

Why, someone else thinks this, too?
I’m not the only lunatic.
Or better yet, WTF?

This is the passage:

This discussion was in the context of space-time and its enveloping vortex that molds existence. Space and time are envisioned as fluid realities that counter-intuitively contradict our perception. But this is further elucidated in the context that all we perceive and experience is through our earthly senses. Our human speed is slow. Speed is the cemented dictation of life for the speed of light is our ceiling. Albert Einstein suggested and instructed that the speed of light was the ultimate barrier. He demanded the speed of light was the screen against which all other physical elements shaped themselves and exerted their raw properties.

The speed of light was the unstoppable constant against which our reality resounded.

The passage struck me. Space and time are such psychically inherent facilities that denote our existence, we feel odd or lunatic if we question them or doubt their historic veracity. But Einstein taught us to question them. He opened the sphere of consciousness. All great scientists and philosophers open the sphere of consciousness.

The Aether shaped reality until Einstein unearthed it.

Einstein magnified light as a property. Light was the force which crushed. Light was the reigning factor. It was an elemental porperty which symbolized the central tenant against which reality chose to manifest itself. The Twin Paradox is a masterful rendition of the relativistic nature of physical existence which coagulates around the stolid foundation that is the speed of light. Time shifts, time is fluid. The basic unit of Now is never.

“Now” is a humanistic self-enforced myth.

Now never happened, and It never was.
Because Now is all. Now is everything that ever happened.
Now is everything that never happened.

Now was then, Now is tomorrow.

Time is one infinitely congealed mass of matter and it was spun like cotton candy once upon Never.

It was constructed as a perceived reality we adore. But it was a block. Nothing more, nothing less…

Samuel Beckett had a sense…

Philosophers reigned in untangling reality before physicists.

Beckett spoke of intransigent time in Endgame and Waiting for Godot.

Time as a dictator. Time as the infallible tyrant shaping our history.
Time does not bend but everything else does.

Beckett, in Endgame, wrote:

Moments for nothing, now as always, time was never and time is over, reckoning closed and story ended.

The speed of light is the elemental building block. All the other spangly elements spin around it. Space-time is tethered and diffused out in varying degrees dictated by the intensity of the speed.

This is the thing.

The speed of light is limited by our jargon.
The speed of light is not speed.

It is not light.

The speed of light is a transfixed denouement of reality.
The speed of light is not fixed. It is not speed.
Space and time, married by the ultimate curvature. Adjoined by descending realities.
There is so much below our existence we cannot see or know. Our reality boundaried by pedestrian speeds and limited light-sensitized spectrums.
We were shaped by a world that had nothing to do with reality. How can we expect to know,

Himan evolution will seek to transcend the permeable walls of cloudiness that muffle our scope.

The scope is infinite. I firmly believe this.

So we may continue to strive to surmount the scope of life beyond earth. But we can never know it.

Let’s not trouble ourselves. Let’s live.