Everyone’s a tough guy (or gal)


I snagged this tough girl meme from one of my non-friends’ Facebook wall today. I call her a “non-friend” because she once de-friended me after a communal falling out she had with a bunch of co-workers, me included.







Sheesh. This is hard-ass. She is so hard, isn’t she? She’s also a lazy attention whore with a smattering of morals. Yet she is one of those people who constantly talks about all things sweet and honorable. She gives dignity lip service but she knows nothing of it. This is an act. She has no heart but she talks like she does. She’s all words. She is a robot, a trashy ignoramus who has convinced herself she is a sentient emotive human being. She needs to work on the convincing others part of the equation.


There are so many tough people on the internet. Tough people flock here, it seems. Standing room only for tough people! Tough people blog, they comment, they post drivel on Facebook walls in the form of stupid memes. No one is not tough anymore.


There are definitely lots of tough women nowadays as evidenced by this meme available to whores who feel the need to proclaim that they are Ripley from “Alien” x 10 to all their Facebook chums. These girls are hard and ruthless. They don’t take nonsense. Don’t fuck with them. Why do women feel such an overwhelming urge to be tough. Why? Is this an effect of the grand equality they’ve earned. Feminism awarded them the gift of acting pretentiously bold, despite the fact much of it is pomp and circumstance.


I laugh at this. My ex-Facebook friend is certainly reckless and shows little foresight. She wears a mask of responsibility, culture and responsibility, but her soul if a flimsy replication of a human’s and she can never remain grounded for long. She is tough because she is stupid. Many times stupid empowers tough.


Some people tout their toughness to cyberspace’s ears. If it’s not women asserting a badly-fitting masculine ruggedness, it’s men who assume the online persona of a Willis-ian hard-ass action movie character. There are so many tough guys in this blogosector! Some bloggers talk a tough game and devotedly portray an unforgiving and unflinching rejection of reasonableness or vulnerability when it comes to women. They are tough guys, and there are more tough guys in the blogosphere than there are in real life. It’s amazing how that works. Where do all these tough guys go during the day? I want to see them in action as they bravely dress down and slap around the women they have no problem berating in the safety of the cybersphere.


This may seem a bit disingenuous coming from me who has demonstrated that I’m not exactly averse to a random misogynistic tone here and there. Yes, I do have many harsh opinions, but ultimately, I believe I am somewhat reasonable, or at least fair, in that I see both sides of the issue to a fault. But no one can accuse me of playing the “tough” card. I can’t even pretend to be tough. I’m not weak. I’m just not tough. I can’t put up that facade. I’m sure many can and do it splendidly. I don’t have it in me. It doesn’t mean enough to me.


Why do people need to be tough? What’s so great about being tough? This is life, not some stupid Hollywood flick. Why can’t we just be strong? Strong is tough, but only in doses proportional to what the current contingency calls for. A strong person is tough when shit hits the fan, but strong and steady during moments of peace and does not crave the desire to ruffle their feathers loudly for all the keyboard jockey’s benefit. Our jungle has no trees or wildlife. Our jungle is climate controlled and given daylight by fluorescent bulbs and plasma screens. We sit on chairs all day co-existing with strangers in absentia and boast of being tough. No-nonsense hard-asses is what we are.


We make stupid meme’s detailing how we wish we were tough, for some odd reason. Being a reasonable, intelligent human being is not enough. We must be dramatically tyrannical in our little pod lives.


I don’t take shit from nobody, you hear?