Women are not happy

I don’t think women are really that mysterious.

It’s something guys reiterate blindly each time they get dumped or find themselves on the wrong end of the dick stick after an unpleasant female interaction. Men belabor the notion so much that they have accepted it as Truth, courtesy of mass hysteria, and the myth is enabled by women because they like being perceived as mysterious. It’s oft repeated by men that women are “complicated” creatures. Bullshit. Women are actually very simple, and only by presuming that they are anything but, will you lose the game before you even begin playing.

Some basics about women: their hungers are quite simple. Women are very primal creatures. They are human in appearance only. There is a dearth of higher human functions fueling their mentality. Women like sex. They like food. They like vivid and pleasant sensations. And they like their dreams. Women are all about dreams. They live their lives around dreams and fairy tales and if at any one moment in time they haven’t attained their fairy tale existence, they will use this as a reason to be miserable. If they have attained close to this existence, they will find something, anything, about this supposed fairy tale existence that has let them down.

This is what the hell women do. And this is what women are.

They are elemental lifeforms. There is nothing mysterious about them. They are flesh and simple motivations. The triggers that make them happy are simple but even then, the happiness is always short-lived because women live from one vivid sensation to the next. Women are very poor at cultivating an innate sense of happiness and peace of mind. Women are like pinballs, always ricocheting from one fantasy to the next, from one rich meal to the next, from one boyfriend to the next, from one extravagant shopping frenzy to the next. This is why women are moody. It is not because they jump from good to bad and back daily. It is because they do not know succor and tranquility. These are the antithesis of womanhood. All women are drama queens. Even the ones who don’t act like one outwardly. Perhaps in the more restrained minds stir the tumultuous thoughts and derangements of an emotional mind that no one ever witnesses from the outside. But trust me. Women are all drama queens. It’s just that with some, you see it quite clearly, and like I said, with others, it is hiding in the labyrinth of their troubled psyche,

Women are not happy. I’ve not known many happy women. I can count them on one hand and still have fingers left to type.

Women are all happy at one time or another. Fleeting is the happiness. This is not my point. Happiness is an indelible character trait, it is an intrinsic quality that is etched deeply in your soul and it holds steady in the face of all that this life can sling at you. Strength of character and peace of mind will pull you through the darkest spells. Most women lack it. Stabilizing inner sanctum. Now before you start poking holes in my thoughts, of course most men do not have this happiness either. Especially modern man who finds he must approach the new world with the sensibilities of a female. However, most of the people with this sense of driven serenity that allows them to weather this life untouched by the garbage that brings other people down are men. Women do not comprise this group at all.

Women may smile and act coy because the moment feels good. They are hiding behind the illusion of happiness. I’ve known many women who display excessive levels of wanderlust and carefree joyousness in an attempt to appear “happy,” but many of these women are actually the most bitter, paranoid, and unhappy I’ve ever know. It’s an act. A woman who is truly happy will not wear such a clown face. This is what they think happiness is. But they are always disappointed too. To be a woman is to be disappointed for she finds one startling and pleasing memento after another cluttering her life’s path and is convinced “this” is the happiness she has always searched for, but when it reveals itself just to be a dirty boulder, she is bitterly disappointed and sadder than before. Women don’t know what happiness is and they try to find it in external stimuli because they are unable to contrive it internally. Women will be unhappy because they haven’t found that heavenly gate they are convinced will make them smile forever. And…if they ever find it, they will unearth another reason not to smile. Women find fault in everything and that is why they are so finicky and this is why Food TV and HGTV are so popular with them. Most of the people on these shows live this ostensibly sophisticated life of refined tastes which are merely self-erected pathways to unhappiness and doomed expectations. This is womanhood.

Women are never happy. When they are young and full of life, they are unhappy with other people, when they are in the throes of middle age, they are unhappy with the externalities that comprise their life, and when they are old, they are unhappy with themselves.

Men are not more happy, but of all the unapproachably vibrant, happy people I’ve known whose sense of peace infused their environment, only one has been a woman.