The tweaker, the wheelchair, and the chihuahua. And disgraceful animal worship.


Man rapes Chihuahua!

A Sacramento parolee convicted of sexually assaulting a chihuahua was sentenced this week to 10 years in prison and must now register as a sex offender.

A jury last month convicted Robert Edward De Shields of strangulation and sexual abuse of the 8-month-old chihuahua. He was high on meth at the time of the attack, prosecutors said.

De Shields is confined to a wheelchair and had rented space in a South Sacramento home. When the homeowners came home one day in March, they found De Shields holding the scared dog, prosecutors said. The next day, the dog was missing, but found in the garage with De Shields. The dog was in pain and shock, prosecutors alleged.

A veterinarian later found severe injuries to the dog’s rectum and internal organs.

De Shields has been in and out of prison since 1992. Because of this case’s additional requirement that he register as a lifetime sex offender — which is unusual for an animal-cruelty case — he must now serve his sentence in state prison. Under the state’s prison realignment system, he would have otherwise served the time in county jail, the Sacramento County district attorney’s office said.

OK, let me tell you the problem with this story.

It’s too damned amusing and darkly comical. The actual story is not what people pay attention to. The narrative takes a backseat to the supposed imagery. Hell, how can anyone be expected to give a damn about the events when we are too busy playing out, in absentia, the rape scene in our depraved heads? Robert Edward De Shields, tweaking away in his wheelchair (already a sight to consider), anally raping one of the more bothersome dog breeds to shame this Earth? Tell me this is not funny shit! I imagine there are a few sensitive souls (actually, a lot) who are aghast and offended at De Shields’ actions and are most likely crying for his blood. They probably think 10 years in prison is not enough. I doubt such bleeding heart animal rights types don’t see much humor in this. For the rest of us “normal” people, this is an irresistible travail into the guttural descent mankind occasionally falls prey to, especially when under the influence of meth, one of the nastiest, bitch-ass narcotics out there. Meth rips people up to shreds and turns them into strung out zombies whose hard tissue seems to slither right off their body after extended abuse.

I learned of this story the other day when my brother posted it on his Facebook wall. We greeted it with droll humor unaltered by shock or self-righteous conviction on our part.

Yes, my brother and I were very concerned. Our genetic black humor is a legacy we’re proud of. That is the problem with this story. We are too busy guffawing at, and envisioning, Mr. De Shields in the midst of amped ass sex with an undersized chihuahua from the comfort of his wheelchair, pounding away like a chemically-stimulated jackhammer.

This is not amusing, damnit.

The man is obviously not well in the head. Look at him. He is the Meth poster boy of the year. His brain is fried. I’m positive this is a case of animal abuse stemming from chronic brain injury, not innate sexual pathology. I feel bad for the guy. What he did is dastardly and repulsive beyond human words. He is not someone I’d want to share any proximity with.


He was sentenced to ten years in prison and must register as a sex offender…?
Please, how can this be? He anally raped a chihuahua. A chihuahua. A dog. He had sex with a dog and now he needs to register as a sex offender? And serve time in state prison? I would venture to say that there are men who have raped children and have ultimately served less time. We live in a sick world.

We live in a sick world where men such as this exist, drug addicts who randomly rape yappy runts. We live in a sick society for we have come to value the life of animals above humans. A sick, immature world where people and legislators and lawyers are driven to create an oppressive cloud of meddlesome action when in fact, it’s a masquerade to the fact that they have nothing useful to do. I see this stuff in the workplace all the time. Management has nothing useful to do, so they create and inflate problems/issues and then proceed to implement measures to address these “inefficiencies” and thus look like heroes while conveying the impression they are precious members of the organization. Ultimately, they have a monopoly on action and their existence is one rampant bureaucratic hurricane of cosmetically noble intentions but it’s all just empty garbage when you peel the layers away.

The way society values animal life in such dizzying esteem suggests that we have thrown in the towel when it comes to addressing the shattered human condition. The fact that as a society, we focus so much energy on punishing rapers of chihuauhuas, makes it patently clear that there are many people in positions of power with too much time on their hands. They create bluster and elicit self-righteous anger and proceed to appease the sheep’s bloodlust with their stern, fabricated measures of punishment which are overkill but look powerful when viewed from afar. A man doesn’t deserve 10 years in prison for raping a dog any more than he should be treated in the same light for raping a 5-year-old girl. It’s an absurd misplacement of priorities.

Dogs are animals. Animals are not human. They do not enjoy human rights, human privileges. Well, they shouldn’t. Not in a mature culture. Deification of animals represents an escape from our responsibility to humankind. A mature society attempts to remedy what is broken with itself by addressing the fractures. An immature society seeks to hide from its ills behind the cute diversion of Disneyfied animals. Disney has led the charge for decades, creating generations of pathetic starry-eyed dopes who litter their own dreamscape/reality with talking animals to escape from the darkness, like a child burrows beneath sheets to hide from the boogeyman. Robert Edward De Shields is sick. We are sick.

We should aim our glib heartbreak on human issues firstly. Let’s worry about meth addiction. Let’s work to elevate the state of man instead of squandering foolish energies elevating animalkind to human level.

Earlier, my brother quipped humorously that he wondered if, after De Shields registers as a sex offender, he will be ordered to stay at leat 100 yards away from all animal shelters and PetSmart stores?