I can get laid anytime

I’m 47, I’m short, and I’m quirky looking.
I have an average pencil-pushing job. I hate flashy shit and my car is cool but not flashy.
I wear t-shirts most of the time. Tennis shoes most of the time as well.

I’m no Casanova.

But I am assured and no nonsense.
I ‘m sick of the game and I act myself. I don’t humor and I don’t fluff but I’m a charming motherfucker. Because I love the Game. I am me.

I am exempt from most interactions.

Most women do not want me, and even more women do not understand me.

This is big ass country, though.

Acting myself confidently, I still encounter women who inadvertently throw themselves at me. I recognize this.

If I cared and showed pussy ambition, I could get laid 1 or 2 times each month just out of novel curiosity alone.

I don’t care and I’m lazy. It doesn’t matter to me. This is a great relief, actually, It’s amusing to see guys much younger than me tearing their heart out because they can ‘t get laid.

Getting laid is easy. Start small.

If I knew then…