Opposites attract, a General Theory

Some relationships are simply not sustainable. I hear how people gush, upon meeting the One, “He/She and me have so much in common!” As if this is some sort of victorious scaling of relationship success. Forget that. Who wants to be a spiritual dead ringer with anyone, much less their “significant other?” Boring.

Healthy relationships are constructed of tension. Conversely, tension is repelled by (+/+) or (-/-). Polarization creates a vaccum, a complementary void which requires engagement by its alter ego. Tension is difference and incompatibility.

Whereas gravity is a cavern in the fabric of space-time created by the intrusion of massive objects, tension is the intrusion into our personal ego-space created by the presence of a contrary essence flooding our reality. Tension must be necessarily embraced. Don’t listen to these psychotherapist types who get paid to dispel tension with hymns and spells and pills. Don’t listen to the great “monofiers” of society whose principle aim it is to extinguish contrast and replace it with a grayish monotone of innocuous blandness.

Worship the tension. Bow to it!

You may fall in love with your own image but this is immediately gratifying but never sustainable.
The tension does not live here, and the absence of a void in both people means eventually you will both merely roll of the other. There will be no matching anchor RNA-like complementary magnetism to retain you.

Seek the Other.
This is your mission.

Women who are too much like me are bad news, for me. The sum of our existences is concave but we are on the outside. We need to hold on because the gravity tension draws us away and down and apart.

when I join union with a woman quite unlike me, we form an interlocking mechanism like a choke collar. The further we draw away from each other, the tighter grows our weak force. We live in the pit of the concave. The tension pulls us together.