The Decay of Mindfulness


Mindfulness is very much like what you see with your peripheral vision as opposed to the hard focus of normal or central vision. Yet this moment of soft, unfocused awareness contains a very deep sort of knowing that is lost as soon as you focus your mind and objectify the object into a thing. In the process of ordinary perception, the mindfulness step is so fleeting as to be unobservable. We have developed the habit of squandering our attention on all the remaining steps, focusing on the perception, cognizing the perception, labeling it, and most of all, getting involved in a long string of symbolic thought about it. That original moment of mindfulness is rapidly passed over. It is the pur­pose of vipassana meditation to train us to prolong that moment of awareness.

Mindfulness is masculine. It is powerful, it is direct. Mindfulness is focused, but focus is not its vehicle. Mindfulness inherently excludes that which the feminine aura predicates its existence on: squandering of attention, labeling, cognizing attitudes, and becoming mired in rambling and compulsive reassertion of perception.

In other words, mindfulness is the anti-feminine.

Mindfulness, while diffuse, and randomly but evenly dispersed, like cosmic dark matter, beams with the intensity of a laser beam. Mindfulness comprehends the sliver of the moment and creates an impermeable barrier against superfluous occurrences outside the present. This is why it is the anti-feminine.

One great lie, repeated often, is of the miraculous and mystical female ability to multitask. I don’t know where or how this grand falsity was sparked to life, but it is furthest from the truth. Women are the worst multitaskers I know. The lie has been in place for so long, women now believe it to be true as well. They rely on this falsehood to bask is an air of non-existent multitasking glory, and no one dares to call them out on it. People just accept the lie. Women are terrible multitaskers. I’ve never met a woman who was a good multitasker. Counter-intuitively, mindfulness is a necessary precursor to adept multitasking. Multitasking goes awry when the mind becomes muddled with divergent trains of thought, and sensory input are allowed to run rampant without constraint by the practiced path of a narrow and singular focus.

Modernity and technology sabotage mindfulness. They are contrary to mindfulness for they erect a chasm between our mind/body and the cohesive wholeness of a pure soul. Our attention is twisted and pulled in all electronic directions and the distinct moment becomes distended and impaled upon the landscape of modernity and its global distractions. The Here and the Now become the There, the Everywhere, the Tomorrow, the Yesterday, and the jumble of scattered life refutes mindfulness.

The next time you see someone walking like a dead stone while they are lost in their smart phone’s messages, remember this is the image of the decay of mindfulness.