Cloud Governance: a humble proposal to overthrow our Republic

As you can tell, I’m pretty fascinated with the concept of cloud computing. Cyberspace’s ability, in practice and in theory, to bring global humanity into one mass of interacting units coalescing into a singular mind and psyche. Initially, I bemoaned this apparent march toward the death of individuality as outlined in my theory of the “hive mind” and I’m still uneasy about it. However, I believe it may also offer some benefits and freedom from archaic forms of society and governance. Cloud computing, or future derivations of it, are the future of a hybridized human/computer society. Whereas the initial appearance of a global internet was peppered with individualized points of individual participation, I believe the future of the “cloud” will entail loss of identity, loss of individualism, and blending together as one common mass, the beliefs and values of mankind will be expressed as one personality within the cybercloud environment.

So it is in this vein that I’d like to make a proposal now that the circus of the United States Presidential election looms one year away. The rumblings and posturing of establishment politicians has begun and the white teeth are gnashing and the big hair is pointedly heralding the resurgence of trash talk and sweet promises. The political season of bullshit is stirring. Platitudes and manufactured appeals to our apathetic sense of self-governance have begun trickling out the media’s orifices. This is just the beginning. The predictable pattern will ensue over the next year. Sound bytes, cosmetic showboating and regurgitation of faux idealism and palatable appeals to our well-being, and that of our children, and their children, and the politicians will talk big and float upon the grandest of noble concepts because it’s all one big marketing push, the election season.

Disaffection is the lucid voters natural reaction to the flock of commercialized politicians who have been selected to appear to engage in the meaningless periodic political contests. Politicians have absolutely nothing to offer us. Rather than immersing ourselves in toil and sweat to take our government back, we lazily buy into the cult of celebrity which permeates the political arena. We proudly succumb to the (R) or (D) mentality, we bolster it by voting for these showmen, we donate to their idiotic, plastic campaigns, and get worked up into an ideological fervor because we trust that all our excitement and $20 donations mean something. This is our stake in government. We get out what we put in, and too many of us put nothing in other than symbolic gestures of Party allegiance which the Parties eat it up because our indifferent involvement is precisely what allows them to continue pulling the wool over our eyes and doing as they please while they make publicly bloated displays of “working” for our good, but they don’t do a thing for us because we don’t hold them accountable. A lazy electorate breeds lazy elected officials. If Americans took a keen interest in the shenanigans of their rulers and felt strongly about it enough to experience real offense at the amount of malfeasance politicians and their elite signatories are guilty of, the politicians and CEO’s would be hanged, drawn and quartered.

But there is no involvement. Civic alienation allows the masters to continue bleeding us dry.

My proposal: that we refrain, en masse, from voting or involving ourselves in the 2012 Presidential election. Boycott 2012! I’m done with the charade. I’m done voting for the D.C. celebrities and their multi-million dollar dolled up campaigns. Let’s bring on Cloud Governance. Away with career politicians and economic masters.

Cloud Governance will be run by every adult citizen who chooses to participate and each voice will be no less or no more important than any other voice in the Cloud. All voices in the Cloud will carry equal weight. Action will follow the majority. Cloud Governance is faceless, nameless and utterly egalitarian. Republicanism is archaic and fraught with corruption. Cloud Governance will do away with it. In the Cloud, there are no communal or financial agendas other than pursuing and enacting the Governance of the majority. Our government will respond to the disembodied mass of cyber-participant citizens. Personalities, tensions and oratory will have no place in the Cloud Governance. Cloud Governance is like being governed by a neutrally calculating computer program, but it still reflects our desires and humanity which are constantly fed in by our participation in the Cloud. The Cloud’s manifestation is part human, part machine.

It has no teeth and no heart which establishes its superiority to human politicians.