The corporate PD

This is a sorta continuation of yesterday’s post in that I’m fine tuning my thoughts on the modern police culture. It came to mind earlier during Thanksgiving dinner. Someone who knows someone who knows an LAPD officer told someone in this chain of communication that the other day the police were estimating 50 arrests during an OWS demonstration in downtown, but that they ended up arresting 75 people. Something struck me as a tad bit boastful about this. I asked if the police had a quota and was told no, there were no quotas. I thought it amusing that the PD is accounting for this stuff. Police seem to be involved in some sort of paramilitary bookkeeping maneuvers. This certainly happens, but the crowds here don’t seem particularly noteworthy. I find it amazing they surpass the police predictions. I think someone is fudging the prediction or inflating the result (as in, GUESS WHO).

I outlined my thoughts a couple of months ago in regards to the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless and mentally ill man from Orange County who was beaten to death by a crew of Fullerton police officers who easily outweighed him by 5 to 1, collectively. I stated then and I stated in yesterday’s post: police who serve the municipal citizens of this country are increasingly demonstrating paramilitary tendencies in the wake of the financial disasters over the last few years in reaction to the faltering status of the moneyed elites. The municipal police are pseudo public agencies maintaining law and order, but in reality, it goes much deeper. They are indeed preserving law and order, but they are also preserving a free-market economy the oligarchs can hide behind while continuing to spin off lusted-after products and bolstering the culture of commercialism. The police are basically squads of peacekeepers who pledge their duty to maintain order and a sense of predictability that mimics a level playground which hypnotizes the sheep into the belief that right and wrong reigns. But right and wrong is an illusion. We don’t see it because the men in blue stand over us with a sword poised at our temples.

The oligarchs: the keepers of the corporacracy, wear ties and nice shoes and get manicures. Not a formidable force. In predictable historical fashion, the financially powerful steer physical powerful minions under their domain to protect their interests. The Constitutional culture of the United States is such that this outright parasitical relationship cannot be openly acknowledged. This is not to say it does not exist. It’s oblique and shielded, but it thrives. It erects itself autonomously. No one person directs the unfolding conspiracy consciously. Just like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, our hierarchical commercial capitalist system has unknowingly breathed life into this Frankensteinian self-perpetuating system that safeguards its own well-being.

The police are the safeguards. When the powerful falter and their reputations are battered, when they begin to lose their grip, the police step in to fill the compromised void. Police are trained to proportionately escalate their response in the face of resistance, and this method can also be viewed as playing itself out on a national, cultural scale. As the business interests lose their grip, they call in the soldiers to take up the slack. Our fate as citizens is zero-sum. We can never find our truest sense of inherent freedom because to approach such a threshold elicits a disdainful reaction from the executive leaders. They cannot grant us our freedom for it drains their accounts.

Police will see to it that you buy and consume. This is their unknowing duty. To protect and serve does not honor the poor and indigent. They will see to it that you suffer if you balk. This is why we must subvert rather than confront.