The Revolution Cloud


It’s their money. People can do what they want with it.
It’s their money, right?


This is the problem. People don’t know what to do with money other than spend it gratuitously. Money contains a magnetic potion that lures us out of our sensible skin into the frantic, lustful frenzy of spending. This is propelled further when our environment is shared with others who entertain a similar spending lust.


It’s their money so they can do what they want on November 25.


Black Friday. A consumerist lemming race. Park your brain at the door; better, leave it at home. Spend your money wildly and embark on a government-mandated mission to engorge the coffers of our commercial elites.


If you can’t get enough of it and haven’t begun pitching a tent on your favorite blacktop parking lot, you still have time to work yourself up into a mindless buying spell by checking out a site devoted entirely to this farce.


The problem with OWSers and other toy revolutionaries is that they are too focused outwards. It’s more satisfying to blame from behind the guise of dissatisfaction. Blame can be served generously and public marauding protests can be staged for the sake of spectacle, and that’s all it is. Spectacle. Modern protest marches are manned by fuzzy idealists who prioritize the gratification of dramatic actions rather than concrete steps. Any physical protest is invariably fueled by showmanship and ego. Street protests are like bumper stickers becuase they flaunt an idea you can assume in differing degrees of secretive earnestness. Externally focused action is useless because you are never accountable to yourself. Your stand is obliterated by your street stage performance. Street marches are a script with many actors. In recent months, the newest batch of actors are the municipal police who have boisterously assumed the role of private elitist police force/shills. They now play the part of strong-armed enforcers of the corporacracy while hiding behind a secret handshake and a badge. They stomp out dissent and stomp on heads and the protesters shout louder in response, and when they resist, the news media inflates the news accounts. Some commentators condemn, other celebrate. But in the end, nothing changes. Street protests are collective temper tantrums which cool down, allowing you to get up and go stand in line outside your national conglomerate’s outlet of choice so you can rush in when the doors are opened and spend lots of dough on shit and thus contribute to the firm’s profit margin.


The only revolution worthy of the term will happen when we change ourselves, when we extinguish the materialistic hunger which drives us to stand in line for store doors to open, when we truly are at peace not buying, and not receiving. The revolution is to assert our free will and asserting our right to say no and live as simply fulfilled human beings. If we resist the communal urge to join the rat race and out-rat the other rats, upheaval is ours. The revolution will come when we are content within our own unremarkable boundaries. It suits the business elites to nurture an artificial hunger and sense of need. We have no needs except to live.


The new revolutionaries must combat the mass consumerist hypnotism of modern humanity. The next revolution will be in the faceless playing field of cyberspace. It will be internally focused which is as how it should be. Cyber collectives like Anonymous which are for all intents and purposes merely “Revolution Clouds” have the ability to upset the world and turn it right again.


The next revolution will transform civilization by transforming human character by first taking it back from its enslavement to the corporate consumer assembly lines.