Emotional bling

Sadly this kind of thing is becoming mundane. The shock value has been dampened by repetition. If you’ve seen it once, you’ve basically seen it all, and again, and again, and yet, again. There are now so many of these videos proliferating in cyberspace that no one raises an eyebrow. The latest (which I of course will post because I have no problems sinking to hellish levels of bad taste).

Actually my aim is not to predictably harp about ghetto blacks or the cultural psychopathy of young inner city adults. We know what’s up. It’s ridiculous at this point in time to rehash the obvious. The presupposition that all blacks or teenagers act like this is ludicrous and even the most weathered racists would concur. But that said, it’s obvious something is amiss within this demographic. The videos that have surfaced recently and which populate Youtube and other “niche” sites is a clear indicator that barbarism is alive and well in our urban youth culture.

Has it always been this bad?

Or is it that young black ghetto men act worse than they did 20 years ago? Are they more flagrant, more ruthless, more random? I was in Oakland/San Francisco in August and used the BART a few times and I saw some black kids doing that “looking for trouble scouting mission jive mission” thing where they march from car to car looking to see what they can do or encounter. In L.A.’s Metro, you are prohibited from using the connecting doors to travel from car to car and no one does it, but in the Bay Area it seems encouraged among the more “disruptive” elements. There is a visceral energy that ties such youth together into bands of Piranha-like swarms driven by a blood frenzy of instigation and aggression. It is wanton.

Mexican youth are equally dangerous and provocative, but they don’t do that extroverted marauding stuff. Tonight I was in a Rite Aid in East L.A. and a group of Mexican kids walked in, the direct corollaries to the black kids in this video, and they were outwardly focused and ready to talk shit and cause trouble at the drop of a dime, but the Mexican style is more restrained. If you fall in their sights, they might talk shit or say something and try to elicit a reaction. It’s more passive aggressive. Whereas the black kids on the BART are merely aggressive and their behavior is pointed. Mexican kids seems less tolerant of introverted people minding their own business.

I don’t think anything new is brewing.

The behavior we witness is simply what it is, and always has been. Girls acting badly, girls fighting, also the same crap.

What is new? Video recording capabilities in tiny handheld phones. That’s new.

The world has become a stage. When this “phonecam” phenomena first appeared, most people did not automatically assume a digital roll of film was recording their actions. People who didn’t want to be filmed were in fact filmed because they knew no better. Not any more. Now, everyone expects a camera to be recording the stupid shit they are doing each moment. A third fixed eye is built into our new internalized social nature. With it comes a sense of stage performance. We are surprised if we aren’t being recorded.

This is what drives these showboating fighters and assaulters. The spotlight and instant acclaim. Acclaim is the emotional ghetto equivalent of rent-a-rims or fake gold bling. It is a fantasy, it is false notoriety. Everyone can now be a star and this message is most dangerous for the weakened spirit of the typical inner city cretin. We once lit a fire to the culture of fame and consumerism and now we are paying the price because everyone thinks they deserve their moment. Our capitalist experiment is alive and it is out of control.