Ciao to our favorite Rake

So ol’ Silvio threw in the towel!

Judging by the uproarious cheers, I presume Italy did not love him as much as some of us did in this corner of the blogosphere. What does it say about our times that we adulate such a rake?

Silvio Berlusconi was the man we want to be. We want to age well and still attract hot young chicks, don’t we?

In fact, we secretly detest the image of an old decrepit man for we fear becoming that. Silvio gave men twisted hope because hope is in short supply. Not many men reign over countries like he did. He was far from the ideal role model, but he was also far from the archetypal whitewashed, pussy-shaped carcass of maledom that populates high political circles as well.

This is why we loved Silvio.

Not for what he was.

We adulate his inglorious spectacle. I doubt I would have gotten along with him personally, but he was one of the few male political figures remaining who snubbed his cratered nose at the pretty-boy culture of political rock star and white teeth. He humored no one and his political habits did not sit well in our so-called civilized world.

I do no celebrate Silvio’s departure, but I do not denounce it either.

I behold his resignation with the same forlorn longing I experience when I watch similar rakes purged from the intolerant, female-friendly system. Men like this cannot be tolerated or humored for long. Men. Silvio’s departure from public office slowly disassembles hopes that manhood is possible, but the hurdles have grown so high that now one must be either a demon or a saint. There is little gray area for masculinity. Silvio is not us, he is what we were.