Puro party!

In my recent past I was acquainted with a couple of Latina hoodratty girls of humorous but capricious and self-absorbed temperaments. In sum, they were simply doing what they do best: being young party gals whose sole aim in life rotated around having a good time. All else was sacrificed or distorted in the pursuit of a good time.

I certainly have nothing against “good times” even though personally, I’ve become quite the “good time” naysayer. I believe self-sacrifice and grueling self-infliction of physical and emotional austerity are the keys to a significantly meaningful existence. “Good times” are overrated and doomed to bust, anyways.

Go ahead, have a good time. Just do not make procuring such the sole purpose in your life. The very definition of life is “to kill a good time.” OK…I made that up, but is this not what life is about, after all? You might have a great time almost every day of your annoying life, for 80 years perhaps, then you die and all those good times vanish into thin air like a bitter whisper. Worthless shit. Good times did nothing. You were still an empty, blank-eyed doe the day you died because the good times shrank your soul.

Have a good time, but let it be an accessory to your depraved subhumanity. Don’t let it be the central focus of your fragile existence on this planet. These 2 hoodrat girls, even though they essentially structured their lives self-importantly around the tenant of having a good time, of maximizing leisure and luxury, and of letting this value system drive their life, still joked dryly in amusing bits of realistic, self-directed sarcasm. They said of themselves, in Spanish, “puro party!. It was boastful but simultaneously, self-deprecating. And always bitingly true. This is one of those Spanish phrase which translates poorly. In fact, it appears as an entry in Urban Dictionary:
“A term commonly used by Big Syphe and Eric Deluxe on Power 106 meaning “pure party””

Well yeah, if you insist on translating foreign phrases to English, and vice versa, the mechanical translation tells us what the words mean, but the translation does not convey the spirit of the phrase. Sometimes the phrase is nigh untranslatable. When the 2 hoodrats joked about being puro party, they were keenly recognizing that which I’m describing here. “Puro party” literally translates to “pure party,” sure. But it is more because it describes a way of life, a manner of living and embracing the world. It is an outlook. I think it is a sort of misplaced and unearned sense of joie de vivre, a fixation with gratification at the expense of misery as a tool of human enrichment. Puro party is an attitude. Puro party is resistance to life and subjugation to falsity, for consistently exaggerated levels of happiness are as hollow and harmful as high fructose corn syrup which is simply unnatural and exaggerated sweetness. Puro party people are addicted to artificially sweetened happiness. Each simple holiday must be transformed into an event corralling all energy, and if possible, 2 or 3 days off from work. Food is transformed into a gluttonous experience of tastes and flavors in which the basic offering of food, which is nourishment, is trampled beneath the rush to try foods of all types in a feast of inflated physical sensations. Puro party is an artificial existence for it cannot sustain.

Some point to IQ as a reason behind the failure of some cultures to advance as far as other cultures where the average IQ is higher. Possibly so, but I often wonder about the veracity of this belief, because some cultures seem more prone to the “Puro party” outlook which is just a self-defeating habitual short-term orientation when applied to the historical fortunes of any society. Puro party is street name for short-term orientation, but with more “pizzazz.” Robert Lindsay has pointed out that some cultures which appear “IQ-challenged” on the surface are nevertheless able to form relatively efficient and well-run municipalities and nations. I believe when measured in averages containing millions of subjects, IQ is a less pronounced indicator of orderly civilization than the “Puro party” variable.

Find the “Puro party” people and you will find broken strands of culture and trash on the ground.