The Cult of Femasculation

The Chateau posted a great essay worthy of “anthem status.” Entitled Another Conservative Traditionalist Gets It Wrong About Men And Women, he pounces on the diatribes of Conservativatard, Bill Bennett, for his recent spiel of old-fart-mindset-enhanced misplaced male bashing/shaming. Bennett places the onus for this generation’s dwindling threat of masculinity squarely in Man’s Lap. Bennett’s seemingly simple one-dimensional Little House On The Prairie delusion fixates and only concerns itself with the “effect” and nary opens a cataract stricken eye upon the causes of same which abound in our consumerist-infected modernity of complacence egotism.

Chateau writes:

Men can no longer achieve the clearly-defined status over hypergamous women they once could because the traditional field of battle that afforded them relative supremacy and, thus, attractiveness, to women — the corporate office — has, via managerial despotism strengthening PC and diversity to a state religion, lopped their balls clean off. And so men retreat from the corporate drone working world to achieve their status elsewhere.

A vein of righteous anti-corporate sentiment surfaces in the ensuing comment section. Those who See and Know are well aware that the modern corporacracy is a molten breeding ground for the Femasculated culture of boasting a dearth of substance and creativity; in a word, the corporate world is a proxy for the working environment, which in turn, is a proxy for society’s template of male/female relations in general. Much of it enforced and strengthened by the “state religion” which simultaneously belittles masculine values.

I believe, however, that while most men do retreat from the working drone role, most do not escape for a multitude of reasons. I would venture to guess that most men continue obligating themselves to the femasculated prisonership/shell of corporate dronehood because, 1, they are indifferent to the humiliating demands of the new paradigm, 2, they they are dependent on propping up the femasculation system, 3, they benefit by it because of their lofty positions of power which are immediately rewarding to their own station in life (while thumbing their nose at the well-being of future generations or fellow underachieving sufferers), and 4, those who don’t care because they see the entire interconnected system of monetary reward as a counterbalancing effect of humanity’s mundane materialistic desires as a joke and don’t really care to breathe life into such a soulless existence or manifold.

I belong to the last category. I’m “an unmarried man” which, in the parlance of this blog, means that I seek to minimize dependence upon institutional tethers, and one of these tethers is the culture of consumerism and amusement. Not partaking of such trivial pop cultured bullshit, I seek to remove myself from the helpless quandary attendant to thosse who depend on their job in order to sustain their life. My goal is complete autonomy from enslavement to the institutional clusterfuck. I don’t give a damn who runs the new corporate paradigm. Women, men, monkeys, I don’t give a crap. It’s a train wreck, regardless. However, from my position of “outsider,” I am still privy to the social dynamics at work in the corporate environment, such as the mastodon where I work. Obviously, I have not severed all ties for I still work. Still, compared to most of my co-workers buried in mortgage, marital and vehicular debt, I consider my escape route less complicated.

Still, I persist in this humiliating and deposed role of corporate drone.

And I’d like to relate a disguised tale about myself.

I mention it because the feminized corporate environment has laid the groundwork of female rule by using the corporacracy as a vehicle in this grand capitalist land. The workplace, through the mindless meddling of Human Resources and over-rewarded examples of female non-productivity, has transformed itself into a woman’s turf. For men, this playing field has become an all-or-nothing proposition. If you’re a man in the modern corporate environment, you either do extremely well and head departments or divisions, or you are a middling clerk, a role that has become distasteful for the modern man (a definition illustriously molded by the woman’s touch). As the middle class shrinks so too do the opportunities for man to work out the last of his weekly 40 hours with any sense of self-respect. This is difficult to do as women clamor to the top and dictate the definition of “prosperity.”

Personally, I don’t care to advance to the higher echelons of my own personal corporacracy. I’m not interested in earning lots of money or owning lots of extravagant shit. My nihilism prevents me from adulating the material bullshit that people seek as solace from their impending doom. We amuse ourselves. And so, we must earn money to buy the amusement. I’ve shrugged off amusement. I prefer to face the darkness, so at this point in my life I need less money than most of the tools I work with. I’m content to work my office testicle-shrinking job because it affords me a steady income which I sock away in a savings account until the day I can finally make a clean break. I have no ties to those I work with nor my lame-ass employer. I don’t partake of the corporate morale-boosting spew. Fuck them. Fuck the mother companies. I’m here for their money. This is the loyalty they earn. I’m here for their health care and I’m here for their vacation days (of which I’ve earned an exorbitant amount). I need very little. I’ve groomed myself. I don’t need their hollow status.

This my attitude, but don’t get the idea I am a slacker.
I am a mindful worker who gives my all. I work hard, for 8 hours, and then I leave. I work in a department dominated by women and browbeaten married men. Most of the male higher-ups in corporate America are married men, who by virtue of their marital status, are accustomed to skirting the unrealistic and self-involved demands of females at large.

My manager is a 30-ish woman who absolutely does not like or respect me. She started about 5 years ago, overly young and immature. My company, for its size and apparent reputation, is fond of selecting from a cheap and unskilled work pool. “Cheap” is the key concept. The modern company does not seek quality. In my department, personnel decisions since my manager started have been fraught with the blatant sour aroma of bargain-basement motives and the staffing’s primary impetus seems center around affordability, not skill or intelligence. Do not get me started on work ethic…there is none to speak of. People do not do good jobs for the sake of doing a good job. They do good jobs only when the economic incentive is strong enough, or when the threat of punishment or shame is a strong deterrent. On top of it all, the corporate structure does NOT promote or reward quality. Stupidity flourishes.

My boss is a female sexist.

Perhaps she hates me, but above all, I believe she allows and fuels situations that allow me flounder because I am a man in her female department. Sex discrimination is a difficult allegation to prove, especially when the perpetrator is a skillful social manipulator such as my boss. I imagine that she has enormous reserves of countermeasures should I make any “wild” allegations about her conduct. I am the senior member in this department but you would never know based on her treatment and appraisal of my presence. The other senior member of our department is a woman who has been there almost as long as me. I believe we are equal in our offerings to the company. This woman received a $1,000 bonus last year for her “hard work” (I worked as hard and received nothing). Our company, having cried poor for so long, finally gave us a “raises” earlier this year. I received a whopping 1.25% increase. No one received very much, but I know for a fact that the same woman who received the bonus last year also received a 1.5% hike. Perhaps one might suppose the raises were weighted based on salary, but this woman earns more more than me as well. There is another women in the department who is utterly lacking any intelligence or common sense, and based on what I put together, received more than 2%. She is low paid little because she started as an assistant. But she is a woman and my manager caters to her whims. My manager continually affirms this employee’s unpleasant sour and paranoid personality and rewards her with subtle offerings as well (a promotion among them). There is also a woman in the department who spends her days texting and surfing. She skates by with a minimal work load. My manager takes it easy on her while skillfully avoids soliciting any observations from me. My manager works on the other side of our floor and has no idea how our intimate departments operate nor does she care.

The sex discrimination is redolent in all the small gestures my boss displays (or fails to). She does not solicit my opinion or help on anything. She treats me superficially nice enough, but it’s obvious to anyone that her demeanor toward me is one of indifference. She discounts my abilities and seeks to minimize my potential. I’ve spoken candidly with her a couple of times regarding certain “problems” in the department but she is adept at conveying the “I’m listening, I’ll do something aout it” facade, but ultimately she does nothing. Our company is bloated with bureaucracy and if personnel issues arise, she steers them to HR where are the touchy-feely bullshit takes place. She is useless in the management of people. She is rehashed corporate minion.

Lest anyone suspects I don’t work well for women as a possibility for this situation, my favorite (and most effective) manager of all time was a woman. I work well with women actually. This is not a “woman issue” really, because, as I’ve reiterated I don’t buy into this capitalist scheme to begin with.

But I work hard and I do my job well. The new corporate paradigm is not built on excellence or conscientiousness, however.

I suspect the most grating thing is my manager’s sex discrimination as applied to staffing her department.

About 7 years ago, a woman started in our department. She was Mexican and her mangling of the English language was legendary. She was both an embarassment to my ethnic race as well to the female gender She embodied the worst traits of both groups. She was a raging attention whore whose idiocy and ignorance was unmatched. She had been passed over for a job interview at a competing company before coming here. She was lazy, sloppy, petulant, and a very good authority told me that she enjoyed an occasional lesbian romp. She actually confirmed this directly during a couple of loose-lipped conversations. She was a piece of work.

She began kissing major butt when our new manager started. She played the part of unofficial office snitch rather well, and the manager, lacking interpersonal skills, ate it up. It paid off, because within a year, the manager promoted her to second in charge of our department (because she “asked” as the manager later explained). Despite the fact this woman could not phrase a simple English sentence, was morbidly unintelligent, and abused every single perk the company gave us. There was not a sick day or vacation day this woman did not take advantage of. She spent her days conducting her chaotic and dramatic personal life from her office phone and desk. I complained to my manager a couple of times. In one work email that made the rounds, the stupid woman revealed she did not know Toronto was not in the United States. This was my competition. Did I get a promotion or even the offer of such? This woman eventually abused her sick leave/long term disability benefits…details are sketchy and my manager attempted to keep the situation under wraps but one of the other employees in the company complained to the general manager and the HR manager took a look and she was told not to return to work. Or so the story goes…

My job is currently a daily circus of idiocy spent in a low-level state of self-imposed intellectual ridicule for my manager overlooks my presence on a continual basis. If I cared more about the whole corporate facade or if I had a house I hinged my existence on, perhaps I might be aroused to act. It’s people like me who allow the Culture of Femasculation to flourish. People like me who don’t care about the game and just want to get out. We are as bad as the zealous ambitious leches who throw us under the bus.

I would suppose that if men opted out of the consumerist paradigm en masse and began a rugged masculine crusade, a subculture that sought to exist outside the corporatist/capitalist framework of our era, they may be able to construct an alter society which could act as a beacon to the disaffected who do not enjoy participating as captives in mainstream Femasculated society. This would present a primal alternative to the plasticity and superficiality of today’s corporate environment. As it stands, men will not usurp the present corporatized structure without some cosmic meddling. An event which essentially dissolved the comfortable privileges of our technological world and once again hoisted the powers of physical strength to a position of absolute survival tool.

As long as people are able to text their bullshit to people in the next room, the Cult of Femasculation will continue to prosper.