Remembering that ass


Indeed. That’s exactly what I would have done if I had a camera in my car, and it was not so salaciously embarrassing to take pictures of hot female strangers from the creepy confines of one’s automobile.

I would have taken her picture and I would not be writing about it here because I would have kept that photo nice and private to enlist to my own private devices later on, and no one would ever know… Because it would be creepy and weird and I can recognize when I am guilty of such behavior, thus steering clear of it, which I guess makes me not weird or creepy, right?

So this girl was crossing at a traffic light as I drove home tonight. This was in Silver Lake, the land of small independent shops and bike lanes, SWPL to the max.

I first saw her walking along the street toward the corner and then turning left with the green pedestrian light. She crossed hotly in front of me. She was striking the minute I saw her from behind because she was blessed with that unusual and auspicious combination of slender and curvy. That’s not a frequent combination to be witnessed in females, even in the City of Angels herself, plasticville. For the most part, slender is usually another way of denoting “skinny” without being overly harsh. Well this chick was wearing jeans and heels which greatly highlighted her slender and curvy body, but it wasn’t until she began crossing in front of my car that I appreciated the full wonderful sizzling depth of her hotness. She was Asian with long curvy hair. I’d say she was about 25. Her jeans were very tight and she had a nice ass. It wasn’t mastodonly ghetto large. Not like some Mexican or Black female asses that verge on exaggeration because even though they are immense and shapely, they threaten to explode out the tight denim wrapping because they are so maxed out. On the other hand, she escaped that prototypical curse of the flat female Asian ass, or literally what appears to be an indented ass. Serious! Nope, this chick’s ass was just right and her face had that sufficiently Exotoasian look. I can’t really place her ethnicity with certainty. I’d say Filipina or Thai most likely. For all I know, she could very well have been Chinese or Japanese. She was striking because of this. She did what all pretty girls do when they walk the streets nowadays. She feigned cool disinterest with the environment (which is undoubtedly beneath the caliber of such a hottie as her) by getting lost in her Smartphone. Hot chicks always do this shit now. They don’t know how to ignore the world without a prop, so they punch away at a stupid screen. What did hot chicks do in the old days? Just stare ahead blankly? Yep, I believe so. It was once difficult to conduct your life while consciously displaying that arrogant, disinterested aloofness.

As the girl crossed in front of me, a beaner dude in a hoodie was walking in the opposite direction and he mumbled something at her which, judging by his flirtatious, grunting intonation, was hardly “Hi,how are you?” Another white hipster guy with horn-rimmed glasses turned as they passed. Another guy walking behind her couldn’t break his lustful leer. And there was me in my old car wondering how nice it would be to take a picture which would assuredly last longer.

The girl continued, unfazed, sheltered as she was from within the safe confines of her phone while the surrounding world slowly stopped in its tracks as it beheld her wonder.

Damned crazyass hot women!

Can you imagine the world stopping in its tracks every time you make an entrance? Take it from someone who lives his life among the perplexing invisibility of unremarkable anonymity, I can’t begin to fathom a world where every woman turns and looks at me, while yet others make rude comments about how they’d like to do things with me.

They say pretty women are friendlier than plain women because of all the positive feedback, which I suppose is true, but conversely, their kindness is usually very phony. Boring. Hot women with an dark edge are indeed a rarity.