Another day in bizarro paradise

Sometimes, if you’re unfortunate enough to be paying attention, the most fleeting, disguised ironies can make themselves visible. Perhaps the reality we take for granted does a little somersault, and for the slightest moment, what you see is not what you exactly think it is. There are various methods of such correlations spanning a range of factors. Factors and placements which might be invisible to anyone who doesn’t see the full stop action frame of the deranged seesaw. Thus viewed narrowly, you only see a board, a seat, which in of itself is exceedingly mundane.

Until your perspective is enlarged through the viewfinder of consciousness by virtue of a pointed observation.
Is my observation that pointed? Hardly, but it’s amusing nevertheless that two unrelated stories happened to skirt each other’s larger than life and lower than low natures this afternoon in SoCal.

I’ll do this chronologically and in descending order of mayhem.

October 12, 1:30 pm, Seal Beach, California. A quiet, well-manicured and well-mannered community on the Orange/Los Angeles county border. Mostly White, this upscale community boasts all the residential amenities that its inhabitants can ask for. Proximity to the beach, coastal themed shopping and countless choices of eateries, designer foo-foo shops that escape the humdrum commonness of chain store shopping. The kind of place you want to raise children. And apparently, the kind of place you decide to lash out against your ex-wife who won’t let you have your children (according to very early reports). Forty-one year old Scott Dekraai, reportedly in a custody battle, invaded the Salon Meritage, where his ex-wife worked, with a small arsenal in tow, and laid waste to a good dose of hair product and salon equipment, and ultimately, a tragic count of human life. Current tally: 8 dead, 1 wounded.

October 12, 2:40 pm: About 17 miles away, in a less publicized story, a couple of teen gang members decided to jack a house for all its loot. Just an hour after Dekraai perpetuated his carnage across town, the two toy crooks ineptly embarked on a ludicrous home invasion robbery which saw them 1) discharge a gun accidentally, 2) unknowingly allowed the victims to hide a kitchen knife which was eventually used to subdue them, and 3) get pistol whipped by the victims in the process. After being chased away, one of the faux robbers had the temerity to return and plead for the gun back since it “wasn’t his.” Needless to say, the victim was not quite so understanding and did not relinquish the weapon.

End of the day:

Crazed white guy pwns the Santa Ana gangsters (chances of Hispanic, 90%, Asian, 6%, Black, 4%).

Moral of the story: the destruction of passion, and the comic relief of passionless. That’s it, boys and girls.