Those who Have Too Much To Lose

There is a particular brand of corporate denizen that frightens me and I don’t trust. Most corporate denizens are not scary; they are simply annoying or amusing, but there is a breed that you must be leery of if you must work in such an environment. I’m talking about the corporate specimen who flails about defensively beneath the glare of the hot watchful management microscope. That type of corporate specimen, who, like a cornered dog, realizes that all options have abandoned him, and so resorts to amoral means in order to sustain his own position in the hierarchy. This is the corporate specimen known as the person who Has Too Much To Lose. They litter the workplace but you can’t recognize them because they look like you and I. Innocuous worker bees who subdue a hideous secret. They are backed into a corner of their own doing. Extravagant 21st Century life is undeniable and they see to it that every last cent they earn is accounted for in the way of payments and mortgages. Sometimes those who Have Too Much To Lose not only refers to material possessions, but to status. There are those who invest so much of themselves into their ambition and peer ranking that this seemingly intangible ambition assumes all the trademarks of a very tangible item of personal property These people will do all in their power to keep it from slipping away. Thus, Too Much To Lose.

Those who Have Too Much To Lose are usually so panic-ridden about maintaining their civilized illusion that they are like zombies occupying the land of the working living. These people dearly surrender their humanity to the organization as they gladly subject their last trace of self-respect to the almighty paycheck and the life it bolsters, week to week. These people are to be feared for they have one allegiance and it is their own presumed prosperity and its continuation. You mean nothing to these people and they have already forsaken their soul to the puppet masters in skillful displays of submission in the hope their reward of stability is reciprocated. If you are in their way, those who Have Too Much To Lose won’t think twice about exploiting your vulnerabilities or perpetrating wanton acts of duplicity in order to secure their position.

That’s what it comes down to for these people.
Security. When your life is spread thinly over the tenuous structure of modern livelihood, it does not take much to pull the pillars out from underneath, bringing the castle to a crumbling heap of stone and dust. This corporate specimen is keenly aware of the precarious nature of his artificially propped existence and the least likely to value the humanity of his actions. Or detest their inhumanity.

Those who Have Too Much To Lose screw it up for the rest of us who live our life in measured steps of non-committal, ascetic comfort.