The ignoble illusion of modernity

Earlier I threw this quip out there in a comment. Quite spontaneously constructed and it felt right but later, I think I was on the can, I gave it some more thought (what better place). Intuitively I realize what this phrase defines. It strikes me right here (points at chest), its insinuation clear as the writing on the wall. The ignoble illusion is the Opiate of our era. The ignoble illusion softens and cushions the blows of our harsh anti-reality. Anti-reality which is the world we’ve created thus far in our human history and which deviates from our natural instinctual harmony. We are base creatures wallowing in a sensory flood of input and output and millenia of evolution have shaped our psyches around the attuned perception and untangling of these chaotic senses. Our bodies are “decoders” of the environmental data that has embraced us for millions of years. Evolution is astute and efficient…too efficient. We are endowed, as a race, with exponentially expanding measures of intelligence and knowledge which have outpaced our physical and cultural ability to keep pace with the biological requirements of such knowledge. There is a disjunction. In 2011, there is a disjunction, a civilized disharmony, for our minds have surpassed our physiological level of growth by thousands of years. We are old men living in the bodies of little boys. In a world where our spiritual and mental maturity is roughly parallel to this shell we call a physical body, there is a sense of consistency or logical snese of inward/outward perceptions. But we don’t live in such a world. Our body lingers in a primitive stillborn past while our minds pull us forward impatiently like a man might pull his recalcitrant dog with a leash. Our senses cannot reconcile with the fantasy world we’ve designed. This dichotomy troubles our soul. It causes a subtle unrest and discomfort which we can’t quite eye. It’s a sense of underlying malaise which hovers over the field of our psychic vision. The farcical constructions of our world soothe us in their plastic and golden allure until we lose awareness that we are entertained and sated only by an illusion. The illusion vanishes and we only have mimicry left with which to call a life.

The ignoble illusion is that there is no illusion. Those who are able to peel away the illusion will see the maw of true reality clambering above, poised to snap the crutch of modernity away!