The sly chess move that is Barack Obama

I don’t believe in conspiracies in the “typical” sense. In the sense that they are secretive, grand and conscious orchestrations manufactured by groups of shadow people willing to perpetrate malevolent agendas on masses of blissfully ignorant humanity. I don’t believe conspiracies exist in this context for one important reason: humans are incapable of organizing such long-term strategic movements meant as unifying agents across the span of society for generations to come. Man can’t even organize a viable and fair socioeconomic system, much less structure and implement a timeless and effective paradigm shift that will disperse its effect over the next few hundreds of years.

I believe conspiracies exist insofar as all conspiracies are subconsciously provoked by the underlying “meta-layer” of our society and its evolving social mores. This culture we have erected and continue to perpetuate is a vehicle for the subconscious conspiracy. We attribute ulterior motives to all social phenomena but there is nothing ulterior because there is no motive. Each generation is so thoroughly self-involved and grief-stricken by its own eventual demise that it frankly possesses little, to no, will to rouse enough concern to alter anything of note. Change does happen. Society evolves, this is true. But all long-term change is hoisted on the back of our myopic fixation with the grave and at most, the posterity of the children we can see and hold now. We are unmoved by future generations we do not see, though we may pay it lip service. Conspiracies abound, but they are not conspiracies. At most they are social re-structuring, which in retrospect appears to be insidious and rehearsed and even orchestrated, hence, consciously designed.

In humorous and wickedly ironic honor of President’s Day, Ulysses posted a couple of photographs in a post entitled “Then and Now.” The “then” photo is a depiction of George Washington’s heroic and brave crossing of the Delaware. The “now” photo is one of those plentiful cringe-worthy stock shots of President Obama participating in one of his many apparent ill-suited physical activities. In Ulysses’ post, the well-known photo of the POTUS biking leisurely along a garden path with his standard fatherly jeans and a legally-required bike helmet seemingly lifted from the tousled scalp of a 9-year-old boy. This is the best our scrawny President has to offer in the way of masculine display, apparently. The other option was his limp-wristed bowling exhibition which thankfully is purged from much our memory.

Ulysses’ point is eminently clear, however. Our current President embodies the anti-masculine/heroic/leader image of all we predicate the concept of a noble American leader on. In all fairness, we might easily display the infamous images of George W. Bush puttering around on his Segway in contrast to Washington as well. Same effect, same message. Our recent Presidents have offered a sorry display of masculinity and this brings me to my “conspiracy.” Society’s unmistakable shift to the feminine, to “girl power” and its overbearing helicopter/nanny mentality is inherently female. The shift has degraded man’s power, and hence, his masculinity as well. Examples abound in the manosphere illustrating the shameful state of manhood as portrayed in the mass media. Often, the blame is blindly and joyfully handed to this very same media in a fit of conspiratorial victimization by MRA types. Nah, no conspiracy here folks. I highly doubt a mysterious cabal of Beta rulers is secretly convening and blueprinting the downfall of Modern Man in order that their Beta wimpiness may ascend to uncontested power. We get rid of the Alpha persona, we demean it and gut it, and the Beta is the new Alpha!. Makes sense, and in a manner of speaking, that is the conspiracy. For a multitude of reasons which I won’t even begin detailing here, the dynamic that I just described is in fact happening. As manhood and its ideal concept is castrated by modern society, a void has been created, a vacuum of sorts, and modern woman, reacting en masse, has masculinized herself in the process of instinctively filling the void left by dwindling man. There is no conspiracy. There are no vast machinations. Just social evolution instigated by a host of non-social factors.

In this context, it’s valid to assert that the President of the United States, at any specific moment in history, generally embodies the social paradigm of the era he Presides. The President is a manifestation of our vote and our cultural psyche; he is a manifestation of our social expression of what the “man of the house” is, or have been hypnotized into thinking he is. There is no surreptitious network fulfilling its insidious plans for society who dictates our vote. It’s our own integrated and culturally-learned values and expectations, writ large. The President is us. He is what we have been taught to expect.. President Obama is one of the least virile Presidents I can recall. Jimmy Carter comes somewhat close, but he was older and nevertheless had a sense of masculine dignity regardless of what his many detractors may think. He had that subdued Southern gravity. Ronald Reagan might very well be the last stoic example of a masculine President we’ve had. George Bush, while the Alpha ruler in some respects and manly in a feathery patrician way, still portrayed some sense of gentlemanliness. Bill Clinton might be that last truly masculine President, the last Alpha to occupy the Oval Office. Look, he did what most Alpha men of power are prone to do but he got nailed.

George W. Bush represented the dawn of a “new generation” of Presidents, the new breed of anti-masculine. GWB certainly did his best to assume the Alpha bad-ass image, but the problem is that he was a doofus. He was the archetypal bumbling sitcom dad you see all over television. You know him: the blue collar, beer-guzzling IQ-limited simpleton who is weaker (in all respects) than his serious and responsible wife who must pick up the slack for her emasculated husband. George W. Bush was this sitcom character. Everything he attempted to exude as manliness came across as empty buffoonery and bluster. He was a helpless comedian who still managed to bleed votes from an electorate sorely in need of a manly image even if the image was unabashedly fake.

And then there is Obama Barack.
The latest installment of what is a surely a Presidential conspiracy to cement the Fall of Man, once and for all. There is a twist to this conspiracy however, for it is more involved and involves several fronts. It is a chess move. I thought of this analogy because this weekend I bought Endgame, a detailed biography of chess master and mental exile, Bobby Fischer. Reading the book has rekindled my old interest in chess which I played voraciously until my 20s, at which point I realized I would never come close to attaining the slightest mastery of the game. Chess is a beautiful game of intricate strategy and its abundance of moves and patterns can be somewhat congruous to life’s social maneuvering. And of course, I thought of Barack’s rise to the Presidency and the conspiracy of our time. In my chess analogy, Obama’s Presidency is analogous to a rare and little-known chess move called en passant. Essentially, en passant is an “after the fact” move in which a pawn captures an opposing pawn that moves past a square where it could have been caught if it had landed on as well. This is the only chess move which allows you to capture another piece without directly occupying its former square. It’s a roundabout and “passive” manner of invading the opposition’s line. It punishes what “might have been.”

And I thought of how Barack Obama, the least virile President, managed to escape the watchful eyes of a demanding American electorate. An electorate which was so starved for masculinity that it celebrated the faux manliness of George W. Bush. The unmanly Obama was literally scavenged from the slush pile of wimpdom by virtue of his race. Obama is a bridge, but not one of color. He is the bridge of gender and its precarious placement in our cultural architecture. I doubt a white man with Obama’s effeminate physical foibles would have been elected to the Presidency. Obama, by virtue of his blackness, did not need to exude the chest-thumping Alpha-ass attitude in order to attain office. His blackness filled in all the blanks that his effeminate manner could not. Unlike the bumbling sitcom trainwreck that was George W. Bush, Obama is the slender herbivore who plays by mommy’s rules and strictures. He’s the President who leaves a press conference early because his wife has waited too long already…and announces it proudly!

Barack Obama is the new breed of President, hence, the new breed of Man, memorialized and enlisted as “the man of the house.” But the electorate hedged its hesitancy by making him black in order to not invest itself so deeply in an outward wimp. But Barack is the bridge. The bridge between the masculine to the feminine as expressed in popular thought. A female President is not far off, that is the path Obama’s presidency is busy paving.

Obama became President, en passant, he occupied a square through the back end because he should have captured that square on the previous move.

The pawn has moved to a new column and the game is forever changed.