Welcome to the plastic abyss

Actually, I had no problem diving right into, and onto, the bandwagon this morning. Of course it was so easy to recite and to agree and to devotedly remark about how badly the modern American woman sucks. God, it’s the easiest pastime when you’re a single man whose mating marketability is rapidly sinking. A man who realizes he drew way more looks and interest even 5 years ago compared to the anonymous wretch which he has slowly become. It’s tempting and overly convenient to take it out on a group or segment or demographic because they are all bad and quite the visceral bullseye his ego needs to blame. They suck. Although, I’ve never, in all fairness, been able to lay the blame entirely at the feet of women. I’ve always hedged my opinion in a very atypical MRA manner. Whereas most of the MRA dudes I read go apeshit in their demonization of females, I’ve always maintained that despite the fact modern women are in fact gussied up little opportunists entirely wrapped up in their plastic social lives and lacking all character strengths that make women classically admirable, that they are only thus because the state of modern masculinity has also deteriorated. I’ve always insisted that the strong masculine persona has been shaken off its foundations by modernity as well. The archetypal strong male is the backbone of a healthy society, and woman is only as strong and behaved as the man lets her get away with. As man weakens, woman acts out in a manner that is redolent of a 5-year-old child allowed to run about unsupervised in a candy store. The character of woman, shaped and restricted by male rule and supervision dating back to antiquity, is suddenly unleashed in the modern era of our weak and bumbling male anti-father figure who can no longer fulfill the stoic vision nature intended for him. Remove the man of strength, remove the gender supervision and checks upon the gender than has never been evolutionarily groomed to self-regulate, and you got a cluster fuck of impulsive, vain, adult female children acting out in crazed manners of egotistical and superficial horrors. I wrote about this in my post about “daddy’s little girls” last August. Women are like the canary in the mineshaft of modern social conditioning. They have trumpeted and displayed, the loudest, the rapidly descending deconstruction of modern civilization. Yes, womanhood a shambles. But this is not a woman problem. This is a human problem. We are a badly behaved race with little to no self-control or natural synchronous cohesion with our natural roles. Modernity escalates and accelerates at an exponential pace. Technology has rapidly heightened its effect over the past few decades in ways that even the last couple of centuries could not touch. The increased concentration of our culture and social sphere has made sleazy attention whores of us all. Consumerism and depravity, and all its attendant gluttony, sloth and laziness, have ridden into our lives in the form of electronic waves and electronic pulses. As humans rely less on their hands and more on their bullshit, the world and civilization has slowly slid into a plastic abyss of hopelessness and apathetic despair. Women don’t want to cook or maintain house or retreat into a sense of feminine serenity any longer; as men, we humor it with our wretched sense of helplessness and ADD-fueled disinterest. We’d rather divert ourselves with the parasitic hypnotic rapture of a really large television screen and millions of bytes of vicarious porn by which not to think or involve ourselves in life.

No one is invested in reality.