The MSM, aka, the PR wing of the modern corporatocracy

We all know (ie, shouldn’t be surprised to learn) that the MSM is nothing but a highfalutin, Constitutionally-backed PR hackdom for the American corporatocracy. It can’t be any other way. MSM outlets are owned by all varieties of parent corporations whose global dominance is secured by a vast array of industries and products. The same parent Corp. who brings you the news or your favorite sitcom is probably also bringing you that unnaturally high-glucose dosage cereal that your kids gobble up as part of a “nutritious” breakfast. The MSM are PR hacks; they are Mad Men for the oligarchical purveyors of culture. My intention is not to pass this off as some sort of lame epiphany I’m presuming no one else is intelligent or insightful enough to realize themselves. What I’m saying is that it is mildly amusing to catch an obvious glimpse of the not-so-transparent motives of our corporate/consumerist spewing media and the lengths it will go to legitimize, or at least project the ostensible aims of the corporatocracy in a favorable light.

Our consumerist and insanely capitalist culture is a self-perpetuating beast; self-replicating in respect that the structure fortifies and breeds new generations of demon spawn willing to gladly and vacuously carry on the message and convention of spend, spend, spend, compete, compete, compete…that ridicules your humanity but praises and elevates your conformist pretentiousness to glorious pinnacles of necessity. The MSM does an absolutely fabulous job of spouting the party line of their masters. The MSM praises the principles and practices of the materialist matrix. The MSM glorifies involvement in this matrix; not only the involvement, but to excel at it, to play the optimum role within the closed loop dead-end feedback maze that is required for one to devolve sufficiently in order to play the society’s game.

All you need to do is open up any MSM news site any time, any day of the week, and you’re guaranteed to find an example of its empty-headed lunacy as it parrots the company line, courtesy of GE or Xerox or General Motors or…forever the list descends. Today, on my lunch hour, before I headed to the kitchen, I browsed through msn’s news site and found not one, but two effervescent rah-rah pieces of hollow status-climbing exercises in mindlessness gracing the same page. Unfortunately, I didn’t grab a screenshot, so I can’t show here how they both appeared on the same page at the same time. But there they sat, greeting me like a couple of friendly but vacant-headed cheerleaders entreating me to cheer for their team because I should. Equally annoying, both stories graced the website just separated by a couple of lines. They flashed their buxom promises of unattainable but visceral drives. The 2 articles beckoned like a pair of Barbie twins.

The twin sirens began first with a piece titled “6 reasons to keep using credit cards.” The subtitle, in all its glittery self-delusional consumerist logic, read, “If you’ve chosen to stop using your cards, it might be a good idea to revisit that decision. Shunning plastic may be more costly than you think.”

Refraining from using credit cards is the ultimate no-brainer piece of logic we can all institute individually which corporate society tries to quell. The banks and corporatocracy blast the clarion call to spend, spend, spend; spend what you don’t have. The last several years of economic stagnation have put a damper on the culture of easy credit and herdish spending, but still, the MSM, the Front in the financial corporations’s war upon our logic and good sense, does its best to rationalize and encourage the practice of plastic debt., Every news item I see which celebrates the fanatical use of credits cards seems predicated upon the principle of paying one’s dues in order to join the Consumerist Club. This is a club composed of exclusive and like-minded members that one must display materialistic prowess in order to enter and thus, once admitted, enjoys the spoils of rampant commercialism. Credit cards and our “healthy” reliance on them is predicated on the notion that they are but one of the initial keys that must be turned just correctly in the right lock before future posterity can be unlocked.

Let’s look at the 6 items this MSM site listed regarding the beneifits of using credit cards:

-Credit cards help your credit scores
-Credit cards offer consumer protections
-Credit cards offer safer automatic bill payment
-Credit cards offer protection against identity theft
-Credit cards can help in an emergency
-Credit cards reward savvy users

Look, these MSM outlets fully realize that the public’s attention span is just one step above that of a recalcitrant ADD-stricken 9-year-old boy holed up in the middle of a lazy afternoon church service. They put the real reason first before we lose interest and move on. It’s about credit scores, stupid. It’s about augmenting and padding them with all our stupid illogical purchases. Purchasing shit with credit cards rewards your credit score. Credit scores will allow you to progress further along the chain of consumerism, as well. It’s a win-win for the banks and lending institutions. You use credit cards to buy and buy and they make money. You use credit cards to buy and pay and they make even more money. And they have it rigged so they make a boatload of money even if you don’t pay! A byproduct of the process is that you demonstrate your fierce consumerism and you are empowered within the financially subservient framework to make further purchases down the road with different loans, and your materialistic reputation is cemented in place. And there are so many things to buy which the MSM orgasms over in their incessant parades of “consumer” news.

All the other reasons listed are BS. They are filler and mindless affirmations. Marketing garbage and none of them come close to presenting a truly legitimate or logical reason to pay credit card interest. Rewards points? This stuff is portrayed as a great “free” hope which dupes eat up. Enter the MSM to make the corporate case.

But hey, that wasn’t enough inspirational cheesiness for the day, was it?

Also on the same page was another story entitled “5 secrets to climbing the ladder faster.” Why is it all the hypnotic illusions of consumerist suggestion begin with a number and are listed in the form of a series of bullet points? Well this story was even more bloated with the farcical cheerleading and inspirational career -oriented platitudes of the day. The story grooms the reader to be the best little worker-bee contributer to the oligarchy he can be. In fact, they are not so secret any more, are they? Five little hints that will allow you to rocket within the corporate Hive and make lots of disposable income so you can open up and use a scintillating deck of credit cards. Proliferating your wonderfulness within the structure of the corporation, of your work place, is another important stepping stone in your march to efficient and grandiose-minded consumerist fiend! It’s the Consumerist Club and if you want to join, you better play the game, and play it right. This article, a PR pitch that the HR sycophant-minded legions of workplace misdeed enablers and apologists would be proud of. Those types love this schmoozy feel-good Anthony Robbins script. Wanna play the corporate game well and to its utmost potential? Why follow these 5 steps.

-Accumulate knowledge
-Know how to ask questions
-Think outside yourself
-Give it your all
-Let your passion shine through

That’s it. These are certainly words of wisdom you should bring to any endeavor you undertake. However, in the context of this article, these 5 steps and their application are contained entirely within the field of your employer’s scope and best interests. Disguised as personal career advancement. Common sense code for faking an active interest in your job. For being a company man; a brown-noser. Problem is, too many people live out these 5 “steps” only within their professional sphere but neglect them for the remainder of their daily life. Vacating these principals outside of work leaves their personal life a drab testament to ignorance and complacency. I don’t dispute these points or the vibrant involvement they preach about making the most of life. But I’m talking about life; your job, your profession, is one element of life and you are only complete if you bring this attitude to all aspects of your existence. To concentrate single-mindedly on bettering yourself only within the context of your wage slave reality is to fuel the strength of the Consumerist Club while demanding proportionately little in return. Slave existence. Like a good robot, these 5 steps, when applied solely to your standing and performance within your job, as the article insinuates, is to come home and detach yourself from life while you find a recharging port to slumber until you wake up again tomorrow and run off to your master’s global plantation whiere you can once again contribute a precious piece of your humanity to a colossal entity which saps you of that very humanity.