Jared Loughner and his legacy of despair

When Jared Loughner’s violent outbreak was announced yesterday, I was not at home and nowhere near a computer.
When I found out about it, I thought immediately of an inauspiciously-placed post from Thursday. Titled “A Stranger.” it was a ramlbing missive about the plight of the modern cyber “oustider.”

There is a tendency to glamorize outsiders such as Loughner.
He has been portrayed as a pathologically forgettable character.
As crazed an anti-government lunatic as Timothy McVeigh was. The portrayal.

I thought of my post. This “herd” is nothing but an entrenched so-called democracy.
A system in place for 200 years, cemented into a bedrock of self-defense and perishing all who dare to question its motives.

The way to defeat the beast is not to shoot or blow up random people.
It is not to kill.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”
This must be tested first.

The pen must be allowed to reign wicked vengeance upon the masters and the power brokers.
Revolution and subversion only work within.
Blowing up and shooting work from without and are ascribed to insanity and fringe attitudes: the willing collusion with the MSM which is owned and maneuvered by the elites.
Blogdom, as squirrely as it can be, is the last refuge of free expression.

Blogdom still has a chance before Obama and his ensuing march of cronies has a chance to clamp down the internet behind the pretense of protecting the citizenry.

The more direct the connection our government can tie crazy ass psychopathic shooters to what happened on January 8, the easier they will be able to justify trampling on our rights, piece by piece.

Just as GW Bush was able to do on 9/11.
Consider the difference in going to the airport now as opposed to 10 years ago.
They are taking photos of your asshole now.
They undress you before you can get on a plane.
All because of supposed foreign terrorists.

Each act of violence amps up the prying nature of our government.

I guarantee you, this is what I see and what will happen.

Get ready: many more acts terrorism in our day and age will opportunistically tied to the internet.
How can that not be? The internet is in our lives.

So naturally, all acts of outrage will be connected to the internet and its influence.

And of course it follows that the internet will be made the boogeyman. The internet is the cause of foment and discord.
Our government feeds the conspiracy.
They throw us meat.
Tell us there is “another.”

There will be a cyber 9/11 in our near future which will shift the paradigm and accelerate the prying eyes of government.
The internet is the last wild west, it is the free-for-all mode of expression the oligarchs cannot control. Yet.

Wait for the cyber 9/11.
It will happen.
And when it does.
THEY will ask us to relinquish control, and we will be so fearful, we will happily comply.

What does this have to do with Arizona and Jared Loughner?
Who knows.
In typical governmental fashion, we are left to suspect the diversions.
What happened before or after? Which news items were buried by Jared?

There was John Wheeler, certainly curious.

And there was Reanato Seabra.

Or this tidbit that London police were alerted to possible malfeasance in their fair town.

We dare not speak our voice…