Compartmentalizing female beauty

I had a friend who would make the weirdest facial/bodily gestures whenever he saw a pretty girl (or what he considered pretty). He would widen his eyes in mock “starved man in front of a juicy steak” longing mode and bring his fingers to his mouth like he wanted to chew them off. It was cheesy and very predictable. The dude was a sucker for sexy women. They unilaterally consumed his lust and took control of all traces of his dignity. The minute I saw that stupid rawr splayed across his face, I knew the battle was lost.

Such is the dynamic a lot of guys have in slightly less flamboyant measures. I used to be guilty of the same thing. If I saw a really hot chick I would go “ga ga” as they say. My world would come to a screeching halt as I admired her immense and unworldly beauty. You might think the Grand Canyon had just paraded by. It was sickening, really. Guilty as charged. Too many men fall into this trap. Thus mesmerized by the finest pair of T&A’s, men are willing, in fact, likely, to throw away good sense while simultaneously bestowing upon this women the godliest of qualities. Thus self-flabbergasted, they lose the self-protective sheath of suspicion or caution. They are transformed into trusting and star-struck little boys. A really hot woman in such a man’s eyes acquires all the trademarks of the perfect human specimen. The perfect human specimen, flawless inside and out…though the really hot woman knows no pressing need to prove her internal wonder. She only needs to flash a pretty smile and he’s written the rest of her script. With her busty beauty sitting squarely in his vision, he has written a rosy script for the fair maiden in lieu of bothering to allow her to smash his dreams and thus prove his estimations wrong.

I’m not the same man I was even 10 years ago.
I’ve learned to compartmentalize my appraisal of women.

What this means: compartmentalization is the ability to treat others as a unified conglomeration of fragments of individual traits independent of each other. In other words, even if you hate Mexicans, I’m still willing to like your music or think your book is interesting. If you have a Rush Limbaugh T-shirt, I will still give your television script a fair shake or find myself delighted by your stand-up humor. I’ve always been very “skilled” in this art and it’s no surprise I’ve been able to befriend people of incredibly varied backgrounds and talents and life-views. However, when it came to women, my attempts at compartmentalization were futile and messy. A really hot chick would become superhuman and larger than life in my eyes simply by default. I believe a lot of what guys do is akin to “celebrityization.” You know, that bullshit people do in which they deify celebrities. They make blood and flesh humans ethereal by virtue of some unspoken status quality involving fame and good looks. Guys do the same kind of bullshit when it comes to hot chicks. They elevate the girl and lose all sense of navigation. This was me until I perfected the ability to transfer my compartmentalization skills to women.

Years of training have enabled me to encounter a really hot woman and still parse out my raw physical urge to fuck her brains out from my appraisal of her worth as a human being.

This involves repeating mantras such as “yeah, you’re pretty, but pretty is a dime a dozen in L.A.” or “you’re hot, but you still shit like everyone else and it probably smells just as bad.”

I repeated these each time I encountered really hot women in order to tame my extraordinary desires and pedestalizations. It worked. As I said, I’ve always had the ability to parse out human traits and habits for non-sexual interactions; but finally, having learned to channel this into my interchanges with women, I feel incredibly liberated.

I’ts quite easy for me to encounter a really hot-ass chick in real life, realize fully that I would love to bone her brains out, and still be completely unaffected on a spiritual or emotional level!
I file away this physical urge into a personal sector of my essence which has absolutely no coherent connection to my higher brain.

Welcome liberty from the paralyzing influence of feminine allure!