Barack, the President, trots after his wifey

Haha, Whiskey posted a video of a press conference now capturing the national attention in which Bill Clinton shared an impromptu podium for an equally impromptu White House press conference. The white Blue Dog is naturally backing and embracing the black Blue Dog’s tax deal with Republicans. The oligarchical blurring of Party lines has never been so egregiously racially encompassing, has it?

The beautiful moment worthy of a thousand words (but I’ll keep it much less) occurred when Obama literally jammed while the former POTUS assumed the Presidential role with the “White House” emblem reassuringly and comfortably sitting behind him in the camera view. It was 1996 all over again!

Politically, on the surface this is a major symbol of dereliction of Presidential duty. I call it something else. Watch.

What the hell.
Dude, you’re President of the United States. This tax fiasco is a galvanizing battle in our day of dictatorial economic turpitude on the part of the moneyed elite. You need to leave because your wife is waiting?
Excuse me, but fuck that. First of all, no man should abandon his important business because his wife is getting antsy. But second of all, most importantly, no President should ever endow the First Lady with such meddlesome privileges.

Be a man. You not only abandoned your country Mr. President; you abandoned your balls.

Mark Madoff, another victim of his father’s inhumanity

Well let the conspiracies begin!

Mark Madoff, the son of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff, was found dead Saturday in his New York City apartment of an apparent suicide, according to a law enforcement source.

Madoff’s body was discovered by a family member around 7:30 a.m., the source told CNN. His body was fully clothed and hanging in the living room, the source said.

His death occurred on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest.

Bernard never saw the light, did he? Oh wait…you need a heart and a conscience to do that.