Thoughts on ‘spinning plates’

There is a current of thought running through the glorious world of PUA/Game “philosophy” which I’ve seen littered, or discarded, around certain of these parts. It is a powerful guide and suggestion for guys looking to overcome the soul-devouring predilection of modern man to hang all his hopes on one woman.

Certainly a modern and artificially constructed gesture of civilization, this one-woman fixation men have absorbed as their nature’s (and life’s) diligent choice and path which leaves no choice but to be followed soldierly because society tells us, weighs heavy. Religion, seeking to uphold the strictures of a contained and artificially non-human society, fuels this mindset.

Men, indoctrinated with such fallacies, find they build dreams and other futile behaviors around such unrehearsed beliefs. They build their own personal castles of happiness around the Queen, the woman who single-handedly is endowed with maintaining, raising and sparking such false images. Modern man devotes his existence toward the appropriation and maintenance of a female subject.

The PUA community’s most useful contribution to such men is that they must overcome this singular focus on one woman.

They must strive to build a harem of possibilities. A freakin’ cast of potential lovers and girlfriends so that when one falls through, there is always another which can be summoned from the rotation. I presume that at this point, the man must once again dive into the dating/club circuit and fill the vacant position in order to keep the harem flowing and dependable. A lot of PUA’s call this “spinning plates” which is essentially a self-protective mechanism that helps keep men from fixating on one woman because his mind has been indelibly imprinted with such closely-guarded nonsense in the modern era. Some of the most powerful PUA lesson’s dictates are those that are centered or derived from the raw materials of evolutionary psychology.

The spinning plates theory of self-appeasement is a learning mechanism which really does nothing other than tap into a primitive instinct to overcome possessiveness and jealousy.
In an open sexual marketplace (essentially the entirety of our prehistoric origins and most deeply ingrained evolutionary memory), there can be no possessives or sexual jealousy. Man immersed in such a plethora of available breeding candidates, is immune and exempt from the self-devouring pitfalls of resentment and insecurity.

In other words, spinning plates involves using the prehistoric anti-jealousy tool in the modern sexual marketplace which, incidentally due to its feminization has become proportionately primitive and barbaric.