Humans are evolutionarily socialists

How many billions of us are there?
Four, five, eight?
A lot of us walking this planet.
In spite of this incomprehensible figure, one thing is unmistakable. We are an amorphous blob of humanity.
Our distinct personalities and hates and lusts are bound by the same drive. We are one large, quivering and synchronized being, sharing human commonalities and indulging in identical instinctual lusts.

We are a mass of living beings, drawn together by a biological impetus. Just as bacteria and viruses and Alaskan wildlife, we all populate this world in order to continue thriving, generation to generation.

This much is a given, correct?
We are here to breed. We are here to ensure our progeny live long enough to fend for itself and breed. We are mushrooms; we are e.coli. We are human.

In such a singular scheme of existence, our motive, aim, and purpose is murky because we cloud it with fuzzy distractions.
But essentially, we, like the common bacterium, are here to breed and reproduce.

Multi-cellular and multi-structural, we nevertheless transport the driven instincts of our microscopic brethren to macro levels of society.

Human, man and woman, were born of one need. One instinct. To perpetuate ensuing generations. We cloaked this instinct in pretty words and fleeting concepts. Religion, science, culture; the ostensible goal and end product is procreation.

When I hark back and consider primitive man, man as he existed for hundreds of thousand of years, shaping our present mentality and physiology and finely tuning his present incarnation, I realize that all his decisions, victories and defeats were steered by one overriding motive: to carry on the family line. Such drives, in an environment suffused with his dangerous and deathly utilitarianism, must be supported by the group.

In an environment of short lives and instant death and in which the human lifespan was brief, the reliance on the self is muted. In an environment where the child is “adultized” and self-sufficient at an early age, there is reward in communal contribution to supporting the child, for this bolsters the possibility of the entire lineage moving forward. Because man is a bacteria and his motive is to ensure that the race lives on. In spite of his own selfish drives.

As such, primitive man subsisted on sharing.

Sharing and “generosity” are value-driven words.
Sharing in the evolutionary scheme are tools that merely drive the mechanism of procreation and species survival. In such a context, humans only survived in a primitive society which nurtured groups, not individuals. Humans are not inherently individualistic.

If humans were, we would have died long ago because those who could eat the most would. While he rest of humanity starved.

There are some who might say that indeed, self-reliance and self-interest are the only keys to survival, but this cannot be true, for in such instances, the feeblest and most helpless would have perished quickly….the children. Our natural instinct is to protect the helpless offspring. This refutes the utilitarian fetish. There is another layer of nobility and existence that lies beyond the most self-absorbed fixation upon our animal self. The fixation on another. It is this variable which lights up the saintliness in our soul. No gods, no saints; it’s our offspring.

Each generation drives its predecessor in a saintly march of virtuosity.