Wherein I do the ‘hand thing’

I highly, highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY, doubt that there has been anyone throughout human history who envisioned the internet as it exists now.
Even the most freakishly clairvoyant oddball could never have spelled out, in detail, this vast and mind-numbing cultural escapade which has been brought to us by high speed data transmissions.

Who could have foreseen the internet becoming emblematic of a generational divide, a schism between young and old?

We’ve always known and been aware that this is a strange and discombobulated world composed of numerous scary, original, creative and peculiar people who you’d be glad to live far away from. Only a fool would not know this. But the internet has brought that reality directly into our homes. Logging on to the internet is akin to taking a snapshot of humanity’s chilling castoffs and spiritual degenerates with one push of the shutter button.

No longer are we forced to contemplate the world’s weirdness from the safety of absentia.
Fuck no.

It’s here, now. Don’t look far.

I was turned on to this bizarre spectacle of surreal (my son’s term) mental intrusion the other day.

Most things are weird by virtue of their oddly stated or observed perspective of normal, everyday events envisioned through a different lens.

And there are yet other strange happenings which simply confound all sense of logic and reality because they have no basis in our meticulously grounded reality.
Images, actions, words, so erratic, such frantic departures from the predictable lines of existence that they leave us shaking our heads for we do not know where to begin. The context is blown out and non-existent, and our conscious logical animal brain cannot fathom the extra-dimensional arrangement.

I was turned on to one such disconnected and unearthly show of imagery recently.


Don’t you think that is a little…disconcerting?
Not for any specific evil reason.

Simply because it does not aspire to any logical mental roles we frame our reality through. It transcends and snubs its nose at all previously integrated roles and leaves us feeling unsure.

One of the greatest of human traits is our capacity for imitation. From this trait flourished learning and experience-based wisdom.

And while some monkeys see, some do; and some do very badly.

I’m fond of remembering back to August, 2009, when I kicked this blog off and actually had some semblance of dignity.