My Archie Bunker moment

I think it was Archie Bunker.
Archie Bunker from the 70s sitcom, All In The Family, the kind of searing and darkly humorous social commentary that you just don’t see anymore.

Archie Bunker…that curmudgeonly and right-wing acerbic Brooklynite who railed about liberals and minorites and all manner of evils surrounding him in the urban zoo.

I think Archie was the first I remember saying, when speaking of politics, “No matter who wins, I lose.”

I suppose I could Google it, Wikipedia it, confirm, but sometimes vague recollections are fun and even a little edgy now in the 2000-teens where all knowledge is at your fingertips.

He said that.

And is that not an accurate statement now as civilization marches towards a bizarre form of 21st century form of artificially induced government?

You know, I’ve been all over the political spectrum.
I’m the biggest idealogical whore.
I’ve been Left, I’ve been Right, I’ve been Center…and I lapped it all up. Making myself right at home regardless of the political suitor I adulated at the time.

When I turned 18, I landed on my feet running, right into the maw of Right Wing myopia. Accompanying me throughout this and goading me on, was my fellow Right Winger partner in crime, Mark. We were so conservative even our own parents were ready to disown us. It was a hellish scene.

Mark joined and organized a local College Republicans club at East Los Angeles Community College, which to say the least, was a mecca of Left Wing, Aztlan dwelling Chicanos. The CR on that campus were severely underrepresented, underfunded and underqualified to lead any kind of crusade, but they persisted bravely. My politics were insane as well. I subscribed to the official publication of the The John Birch Society and I delighted in driving my old brown Ford Maverick around town with a “Reagan/Bush 1984” bumper sticker during that Presidential campaign. I remember a friend telling me, “You’re Mexican, how can you support him?”

The election came and went, Ronald Reagan served out his second term and I rallied behind him and the GOP. I voted straight Republican ticket for almost a decade.

Then the 1990’s rolled around. I found myself bartending in a restaurant frequented by a majority conservative, business-owner clientele. These fuckers sat at the bar and single-handedly swayed me to the Left. Bunch of red-faced, bile-spewing, short-sighted drunks…I had no choice other than to flee the Republican Party. I became a strangely dissaffected Clinton supporter, blue dress and all. I voted for Bubba twice and by the time 2000 rolled around, I had become quite the rabid Lefty. Quite Green. As in Ralph Nader. During the Presidential election of 2000 I went to a Nader rally in Long Beach. When George W. Bush and his wingnut minions stole the election, I was ready for some serious street violent Revolution. If only.

I got over it.

George W. Bush. Fucking disaster. Turning point in our country, our history. Just not sure how and what or where it’s leading. But a turning point.

Mark has remained very conservative and he runs a blog, Left View from the Right Coast, which I’m adding to my blogroll along with several other blogs. I’ve been a little careless, lackadaisical about maintaining my blogroll. I hope to change that.

Politics now?

I’m out of it man.

Fuck politicians and especially, fuck their parties.

Not “fuck them” as in the ignorant and apathetic manner you see many people in this country react to politics; no, “fuck them” in a defiant and revolutionary refutation. Indifference as a movement, a statement in itself.

The Democrats and Republicans have deserted us. Dereliction of duty.

Their facade is wearing thin, it is fading, and they don’t even appear to attempt to disguise their motives any longer.

Back in 1971, when Archie Bunker said “no matter who wins, I lose,” he was referring to the political dynamic of the time in which the two Parties defiantly claimed their side of the aisle and the delineation was clear and resolute as an “R” or a “D.” Despite this, most legislation inevitably became a compromise which sought to sate the needs of the majority of Americans. Someone of Bunker’s extreme viewpoints endured political alienation when the mundane necessities of political reality came home to roost. When political ideology gave way to pragmatism. As the political parties resentfully reached across the aisle to effect compromise, poor Archie’s conservative ideals were stripped. Hence his sentiment.

In the year 2010, to say “no matter who wins, I lose,” is to mean something completely different.

Does the sentiment, uttered today, share any of Archie’s militant misery, does it lash out at our current political parties for their attempts to dampen their idealogical harshness for the sake of enacting compromise?
I don’t believe it’s like that anymore.

We live in an age of the Walmartization of Politics.
One-stop shopping politics.

Parties can be all, to all people. Politicians, serving the needs of these monolithic parties now spew the same rehashed political marketing garbage. Politicians have become heartless pitchmen willing to sell their mother if it would help them win an election.

“No matter who wins, I lose” has never been a truer sentiment.
Our political parties no longer need to reach across the aisle.
There is no aisle any longer.

Our politicians, in pressed suits, sit together like a big fucking group of fidgeting Girl Scouts while the oligarchical masters, the moneyed elites, the Corporate de facto owners of this marvelous and vast piece of real estate called the United States, stand powerfully on the stage and recite orders and commands. After adjournment, all our cute little politicians scamper off in their little brown skirts and knee-length socks where they can proceed to commence with their master’s dirty work.

Their image is mass-marketed. It’s pretend, these elected officials serving their elected duty to the “People” (or whatever it is the hell we are). The Dems and Repubs do meet now, they are capable of idealogical commiseration but only when it serves the needs and demands of the corporate masters, the bankers, those who payroll this country’s tenuous business-as-usual meandering stumble through our modern era of fallacious political discourse.

When the “spectrum” of political ideas is usurped and regurgitated in a televised display of faux discourse.
It’s all faux.
Faux discourse.
There is no disagreement, there is little rift, for ultimately all resolutions are orchestrated and serve only the needs of the moneyed masters.

Health care for the masses?
What is it. Can’t Dems and Repubs agree on how quickly and thoroughly the insurance companies should become even wealthier?

No matter who wins, I lose.

Even as recently as Archie’s time that was simple frustration at the moderate tendency of competing political parties to achieve the greater good for all Americans. A somewhat twisted take on noble, but noble nevertheless.

But to say that now…only refers to the absolute surrender of our political system to the unicellular elite as it steers our country single-handedly.

The coming together of everything.
Political parties. Once standing alone, standing for something. Standing out from the opposing party because it represented a difference. Complementary relationship. Tense and productive polarity.

Political parties now blur, the lines, unclear, for ideas are no longer important.
Ideas and movements and causes merge and become one, give way to an obsequious and blind obedience which serves only one, one master. That which has gathered all of society’s forces and populations.

Mom and pop business.
Gave way.
Mom and pop politics.
Is giving way.

Our great amorphous society, a blur of indistinguishable inhabitants, working in unison, cast into cheap roles.

Politics is dictation.
The secretary with her steno pad.
Takes orders and jots them down.

Obama’s Presidency.
A fluke?
One whose time has come?
Or a design?
The time was ripe. It was in the “cards.”

In the wake of an unpopular ongoing war and a reviled 2-term Presidency, could there have been a better time for a black President named Barak Obama?
Not only was he the first black American president, he was also the owner of a foreign-sounding name that conjured memories of the name of one the greatest American villains of our very young century.

Remember I said earlier that they don’t even bother hiding the machinations any longer?

Our world, our culture and our government…the unconscious manifestation of the greater mind, the ruling mentality which binds us together.

I will take no part in such a system.
I discussed politics (rather badly) on my last blog.
Political commentary.
No longer.
To contribute, to vote and support mainline parties and their barren and mass-produced policies is to enable their perfidious grip on our society. It is to enable our modern political paradigm’s anaphylactic stranglehold on dynamic political recourse in this country.

We are left in a situation in which we must choose between the purely cosmetic fallacy of supporting a putatively idealistic party of ideas or choosing to support nothing as a means of political statement. To not participate is to refuse to prop up such falsity and the insidious charade of a separate political party system.

Observe the fates of Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul. Those who choose to defy the mass-marketed political culture will certainly suffer from defeat, ostracism and ridicule.

The Democratic and Republican parties no longer deserve the labels of “liberal” or “conservative” for that would insinuate noble motives. Call yourself liberal or conservative or any of a number of other ideological labels, but shun the Party labels.

Democrats and Republicans are in the business of politics. Unfortunately, it’s not your business.