HBD: This ain’t your granddaddy’s racism anymore

I started Phoenixism in August.

Now I have no idea, absolutely none, how in the world I ended up inhabiting this peculiar blogosector that I do. I’ve bounced around and discovered various blog treats, some to my liking, some not, and that is the wonder of the blogosphere. There is so much to choose from and there is a little bit of something for everyone, regardless of just how whacked they may seem to you.

How in the fuck did I find these HBD people?

I’ve always been very interested in evolutionary psychology as it applies to gender differences (and similarities) and the effect our ancient adaptive lineage has had in molding us into the quirky social creatures we are today.

I am fascinated by the supposition that many of our most peculiar “tendencies” and behaviors in our modern incarnation can be traced back and explained by millions of years of evolution. At its basest level, evolution guides our physical and reflexive reactions; in creatures as sentient and astute (ha!) as us, evolutionary adaptations are a bit more sophisticated and intricate than, say, a dog’s salivation at the sight of food. Our adaptive mechanisms have worked their manipulating tendrils into the human behaviorial sphere.

Why your girlfriend acts like she does might very well be explained by factors which extend far beyond her present mood. Her behavior might have roots in her gender’s primitive role dating back thousands of generations.

I believe it is this curiosity of mine that somehow brought me to the middle of this sea of HBDers. Somewhere along the line I must have Googled the right phrase…

The HBD blogosector includes countless members.
One such blog, Half-Sigma, posted a brief definition, a primer on the nuts and bolts of HBD for those who are wondering…

Human biodiversity is an acknowledgment that humans differ from each other in various ways because of our different genotypes. Differences include, but are not limited to, physical appearance, athletic ability, personality, and cognitive abilities.

One especially significant genetic difference between humans is whether or not they have one X and one Y chromosome or two X chromosomes. In addition to looking different, humans with two X chromosomes have different behavioral and cognitive predispositions than humans with one Y and one X chromosome.

Even when humans are of the same race and sex, they can have vastly different cognitive and behavioral predispositions. This is also part of HBD.

Fair enough.
The definition fairly summarizes what HBD is.
In a sterile and clinical fashion.
Which of course, I agree with.

As people are generally wont to do, however, they can’t merely accept something at face value. They must expand on facts, they must internalize and opine and manipulate knowledge to suit their needs and aims and views.

So whereas many may calmly accept the tenets of HBD, the most vocal partisans are those who choose HBD for it suits their ulterior motives fed by a modernist strain of techno-racism. Those who trump HBD the loudest in the blogosphere are not those who feel only a vague acceptance of HBD science; they are those who maintain that HBD lends us knowledge and insight into the machinery of racial hierarchies as related to intelligence, physical acumen and moral shortcomings.

Yes, it all can be quantified and enumerated by the “science” of HBD.

HBD is not solely the provenance of the WASP hatester.
This isn’t 1955, and it sure as hell isn’t Mississippi.
HBD is smart and sophisticated and has elevated racism to the intellectual plane.

Recognizing that racism, per se, doesn’t quite fulfill the typical HBD spiritual Joneses, somewhere along the way followers farted out another useful acronym: “NAM.”

This is not Bubba in a white sheet setting fire to crosses any more. These people are intelligent and sharp.

NAM is a “non-Asian minority.” Realizing that absolute racism just doesn’t cut it anymore and would blacklist (so to speak) many bona fide minorities (of the model type), they tweaked the “minority” label a bit to include only the non-model minorities. You know, the dark ones and the ones who always get in trouble and steal the white women.

With the new NAM delineation, now the Japanese and Indians are able to join the white folk as they ebulliently embrace their newfound elite status amongst the ranks of the intellectual elite.

Nothing to see here, move on…

So I read the HBDsphere occasionally, even post once in a while. I find some intriguing reading.

It’s fun to watch the HBD herd tread that ambiguous land of Oz between “racially aware” and “downright racist.” The racism is obvious but managed elegantly in a most opaque manner.

Once in a while they come very close to resembling 1955’s Bubba but they skillfully manage to avoid that pitfall.

And there are times they slip up and post ridiculous thinly-veiled items like this post which appeared in Inductivist yesterday.

Titled “Approval of interracial dating is almost universal among the young,” the post highlights a Pew survey which revealed that nearly all (statistically-speaking) Millennials (18-29 year olds) accept interracial dating and marriage.

Not really noteworthy in my mind, but it’s quite apparent that for an HBDer to post such an item in his blog can only hint at a vague hint of disapproval. Ah yes, Bubba Rising!

The Inductivist blogger, Ron Guhname, keeps it clean. He does not editorialize. At all.

But posting such an item on an HBD blog is akin to planting a big fat racial honey pot squarely in the middle of enemy territory. And the commenters are left to freely do the blogger’s dirty work.

Mind you, these comments are in response to a neutrally stated news item quoting a study showing 20-somethings resoundingly accepting of interracial dating.

And for the remaining few percent, impose it on them with section 8 housing to make sure technologically amplified panmixia reigns supreme everywhere for everyone.

Stark evidence of just how bad things have gotten in America.

My first wife was Hispanic, and getting married to her was one of my life’s biggest mistakes. Men and women have a tough enough time just getting past the Mars vs. Venus stuff, without adding cultural differences to the mix. You’re better off marrying someone of your own socio-economic class and a compatible ethnicity.

Do I have a beef?
Uhm, not a big one.

I’ll continue reading HBD blogs because once they leave the racism behind, they frequently have very interesting observations. And as I said, I have a very clinical, non-personal and non-ulterior interest in the subject of evolutionary psychology.

I do accept that real racial differences exist. What do we do with this information? Unlike HBDers, I don’t have the urge to use this knowledge to solidify preconceived notions and stereotypes.

In this respect, most HBDers are anti-individualists; instead, they choose to condemn racial groups in their entirey instead of gauging talents and skills on an individual basis. Which is actually a very nerdy and socio phobic manner of reducing human interactions to numbers and ratios.

Most dismaying about the Inductivist reaction is the sense of retro-racism. The discomfort and open enmity to intermixing of the races. This suggests a glaring refutation of scientific principles of any sort and the rehashing of old emotional and hateful attitudes which were decidedly unscientific.