Storm Watch 2010


I go out on a limb and stake my global reputation on my cosmetological knowledge and it turns to shit.

It happened Sunday night, in my “musings” post. I mentioned that the weather forecast called for three big winter storms to hammer L.A. during the week and I shrugged while mocking the typical SoCal storm which barely pisses enough rain to make a small puddle in your dog’s water dish. I mocked the weather report.

I mocked my fellow Angelinos who turn into liquified dorks at the first hint of drizzle.

Well shit.

It really has rained. A lot. Definitely more than two inches. A tornado or two have touched down in the greater L.A. area and there is a danger of “mud flows” which confuses me. Is that a modern term for “mudslide?”

So it’s been cold and windy and there was a little lightning earlier, but I’m thankful for one thing: no power outages (yet). Power outages are undoubtedly my version of Celestial Wrath. Without power, I shrivel and die. No radio, no computer, no internet, no refrigerator. Dude, power outages are like fate telling me to get a life and walk out the friggin’ house.

Coincidentally, even though I experienced no major power outages during the first 5 years I lived in this apartment (marked in July of last year), a local power station went down in flames within days of Phoenixism’s debut back in August and I lost complete power for 3 days. Actually, maybe it was 2 1/2 days…whatever, it was a long time and I was miserable. The weather was typical August hot and my A/C was nothing but a symbolic piece of overweight metal balanced precariously out the window.

What I missed most about that Dark Age period? This damn blog. I was starting anew. I was exploring fresh territory, I was bursting with ideas and creativity (unlike the state of my blog 4 months later). And with no power, there was nowhere to put them. I resorted to typing some of this bullshit out in my Open Office Writer (a poor man’s MS Word) in dim candlelight. It was kinda cool.

Very Abe Lincoln of me.

Thinking back, I can’t begin to imagine how good it would feel right now if the temps were in the 80s, even at this time of night.

The human mind. Reactive, craving that which is not likely nor possible at the moment.

It’s really cold in my apartment, below 60, and I would love a bit of heat to defrost the icicles which are my fingers. The way it works here, and I’m sure everywhere else, is that as long as there is a cloud layer the temps are reasonable. Nothing too crazy. BUT. Once the storm moves on and the clouds leave the sky bare to absorb all the heat that the earth may have absorbed hungrily during the day, the real chill sets in. In addition, the mountains north of L.A. are packed and covered in snow. Southerly winds rake down those mountain passes and carry with them frigid-ass conditions. It’s raining now as I type, but if the storm passes through, I guarantee you Los Angeles will experience one of those subfreezing spells. There is nothing quite so humbling as scraping ice off your winshield even though you live in Los Angeles.

Speaking of humbling. There is nothing quite as humbling as taking the bus around in Los Angeles either. Whatever. I rather enjoy sitting in the back of the bus on days and nights like this. The bus engine is located way in the back and during the summer it is a source of dastardly heat which suffocates your ass and spreads through your body like a heating coil turning red gradually; but in the winter, it is like sitting on a nice, comfy, bosom-y furnace that keeps you warm.

Tonight I sat there and it was oh so nice.

Then this familiar couple boards. I see them occasionally. Mexican, maybe in their late 20’s. They don’t talk much but the guy is always engulfing the girl like he’s afraid she’ll get away (or that someone else will get to her). He’s not a typical-looking macho guy. He is rather short and slight but with a subtle muscular tone to his body…he reminds me of myself actually. He always wears a cap and carries a courier bag. He’s clean-shaven and not bad-looking (OK, that’s where the resemblance ends, I suppose) but he is so damned insecure and reactive and oozing of overcompensation.

He handles his girl like a frightened high schooler. He’s always leaning over and macking heavily all over her. This is unnatural for a couple that has been around each other at least as long as I’ve seen them.

However, they also seem a bit defensive as a couple. That is their couple vibe.

You know it…couples give a vibe, the combined essence they exude as a pair. Well this guy and his girl give off the defensive and guilty vibe. I wonder if they are quite boyfriend and girlfriend? Boss/subordinate, married/single, married/married, cousin/cousin? Who the hell knows what their deal is. All I know is the guy walks around with a romantic chip on his shoulder.

After spending the entire bus trip bathing her in his spittlel, their stop beeped, during one of the most rainy portions of the trip. A pounding downpour.

Fate, you are a spectacular creature.