This is what a cyber cluster phuk looks like

Did you hear about it?
Did you see it on the news?
The big blog blowup, you know?

You didn’t?
Of course not.

One of the pitfalls of blogging is the tendency to copy and paste your small portion of the blogosphere right over the span of its global reach when in fact no one has heard of you, no one really cares much, and they sure as hell haven’t heard of your little blog community.

The prattle, the gossip, man it’s everywhere in the blogosphere. Ego, power games, vindictiveness, devastation of personhood. Just like high school.

This is the future of your internet, son.

Mankind, see, we stumble onto some really great shit occasionally. We make or develop something awesome; a discovery, invention, technology…anything which promises the perfect opportunity for the human race to fast forward the frame rate of evolution, but inevitably, we bring our garbage, our trash, our lowest common denominator mentality, and splash cold water on any great advancement handed us.

Cyberspace is no exception.

Cyberspace, the vast and random collection of servers and URLs and forums, is bound by that ultimate form of global connectedness and community called the blogosphere. The blogosphere parcels out the internet into neighborhoods and towns and libraries where similar-minded people can congregate and exchange info and threaten each other’s life. The internet!

So you didn’t hear about it? The meltdown over the holidays? Damnit, this is the internet. Everyone should have heard.

I’ll refrain from intricate detail because I assume anyone who can read this post has the wherewithal to string together the right combination of focused clicks in order to find the path to that which I speak of. But some shit hit the fan over the past month in a portion of the blogosphere I somehow landed in when I kicked Phoenixism off last August.

Where did I land?

The first site I encountered was a blog run by a fellow out of DC who uses a pseudonym. The blog deals with the superficial details of “Game” and “PUA,” something I find interesting from a psychological and evolutionary perspective. I have very little use for “game” itself. I’ll leave that to the the 22-year-old guys who are just now getting over their awkward teenaged years and middle-aged men who suddenly realize life has passed them by with only a fraction of the notches on their bedposts they fantasized about as boys.

Nah, I’m no Casanova but I have no problems turning on the charm and getting along with women (in spite of myself). I’m all about the evolutionary psychology of gender relations and the field of PUA ties in nicely with this field. I read the blog, found the material mildly amusing but not greatly magnetic. Thing is, once you get men started on the subject of women and PUA, you will draw some of the of older individuals who, unable to calmly accept the passing fancy of women (who for the most part don’t even look at them), lash out and grasp for a sense of lost power by gathering with other similar men and bonding through common antipathies and their distaste for modern society and womanhood.

This slow devolution from young, horny guys looking to hook up with young chicks, to older guys who really want to hook up with young chicks, is called MRA (men’s rights activism).

MRA is centered around the modern-day legally sanctioned usurpation of the human male. I think they bring up many excellent points. Divorce, sexual harassment, child support…among many other aspects of society, the judiciary has become neutered and feminized and the result is a milquetoast-y sort of paradigm which punishes those who detract from the very specific Book of Rules.

So yeah, these guys have a rightful ax to grind.

However, I think many of them have a problem when it comes to perspective and sorting the macro from the micro. Yes, I think it’s fair to say that women are a mess these days. However, I also think it’s extremely fair to say that men are a mess as well.

These guys are very content to complain about the state of womanhood while neglecting to consider the possibility that it has become thus because man has become less of a…man. I’ve said it often and I’ll say it again. In the human entanglement that is man and woman, man has always controlled the table. Man has always steered the ship. And if we have arrived at the pitiful state the MRA allege, it is only owing to the fact that Man has lost the ability to steer. Are we going to blame women for that?

Enter party B in the holiday blog skirmish.

Another poster, a female poster, coming from the psychological, maybe behavioral perspective. She first commented on the dude’s blog and the antagonism didn’t wait long. It was oil and water. I don’t know too many details, because frankly, I can only put up with the soap opera bullshit up to a point. The two hit the ground feuding. Each side had its own army of true believers squaring off against each other in the battle to end all blog battles.

Idealogical debate is one thing, as long as it stays that.

Then it got nasty.
Everything is murky and facts are hard to come by. But everyone can agree:

The male blogger ripped some pictures of the female blogger’s 5-year-old son off her Myspace page and posted them on his blog in an attack he directed at her. In return, the female blogger posted residential address and employer info of the male blogger on her site.

All shit hit the fan.
The male blogger did not post for a couple of weeks and rumors abounded.

Both bloggers committed the unpardonable, in my opinion.
Children and residential addresses.

We might have risen to the internet’s potential level; we don’t seem to be able to resist the urge to drag it down to ours.