The “oversleeping” “problem”

When that day arrives and my cold body is lowered into the ground, one of the final remembrances concerning your dearly departed blogger will assuredly not be:

Socially Extinct was a great man, but he slept too much.

Fuck that. Ain’t happening.

What relevant, working person, in today’s shitshow society of 24-7 digitally enhanced productivity, ever has this problem?


A new study suggests that yes, getting nine or more hours of sleep per night might also be unhealthy. Researchers from around the world gathered data from 116,632 people in 21 countries, each of whom they followed for about 7.8 years to see whether the amount they slept correlated with their overall risk of mortality (their likelihood of dying during the course of the study). They published their results in the European Heart Journal, which showed what epidemiologists call a J-shaped curve. The phenomenon refers to there being a point in a graph of mortality where the risk is minimized. In this case, that’d be right around eight hours of sleep. As you head down on the chart toward fewer hours of sleep, the risk of death increases for a whole host of reasons, but there’s also a rising risk as you increase the amount of sleep. And they’re not the only ones to find the J-shape. Other studies have also found that people who get nine or more hours of rest each night seem to have higher rates of mortality,

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that more sleep is causing more death. Sometimes a curve is J-shaped because of some other confounding factor.

Ah, but there are some people who specifically oversleep. One demographic it’s better to avoid if possible.

Think of an adult you know who sleeps 10 hours a day. Is that a healthy person? Probably not. Experts like Matthew Walker, the director of the sleep and neuroimaging lab at the University of California, Berkeley, have discussed how various diseases and chronic ailments might prompt someone to sleep more yet also put them at higher risk of death. He discusses studies like this one in his book, Why We Sleep, in which he points out that “should you explore those studies in detail, you learn that the causes of death in individuals sleeping nine hours or longer include infection (e.g., pneumonia) and immune-activating cancers.” Serious illnesses like these prompt a person to sleep more, he points out, and thus “the illusion created is that too much sleep leads to an early death, rather than the more tenable conclusion that the sickness was just too much despite all efforts to the contrary from the beneficial sleep extension.”

I cannot remember the last time I slept 8 hours when I wasn’t afflicted with:

The flu

A hangover

Mm. That’s it.

Much like the distant past when obesity was a status indicator of wealth and luxuriance, oversleeping is that now. We’ll sleep when we’re dead and the elitist oligarchy signs off on our final contribution.

In CA, all that glitters hides behind walls.

He’s right, you know.

At the risk of defaulting to meme-saturation, I won’t.

But you know it.

Tucker tells us what is wrong with California. Or at least where to begin. This state’s self-destruction defies a description any size less than that of a Russian novel. This is a true American shithole.

The shithole of A.

The governor, so fittingly of this state, so emblematic of the glittery charade that is the pathologically indebted nature of this state’s bombastic artifice, is California’s face.

A pretty face, flawless on the surface, but a stinking cauldron of manure lurking below. In this state, they mortgage the future for folly, mortgage the well-being of its citizens for globalist platitudes.

Big Brother’s overreach continues in NZ. It’s now a hate crime to simply not give a shit.

So Philip Neville Arps is the latest victim of New Zealand sacrificial lamb-dom’s quasi-totalitarian nicey-nice brigade that has spawned in the wake the Chistchurch Muslim slaughter of 50 people on March 15.

Poor guy.

He didn’t even pull a trigger, he didn’t incite Brenton Tarrant, he didn’t even throw bacon at a mosque. He didn’t shout at a bunch of Muslim children.

Nope. Arps’ most grievous action was not that he distributed the infamous live-stream recording of Tarrant’s mow-down of groups of Islamic worshipers, but that he dared to eschew adornment of concern and platitudes that was the implied manner of reacting to the mass killing. In fact, he was downright dismissive of the self-righteous wailing and lamenting that was embodied in the actions and sanctimonious preaching of New Zealand’s horse-faced PM, Jacinda Ardern.

Arps, 44, sent the video to a friend asking for a ‘kill count’ to be added for humorous purposes. He also distributed the raw video to 30 others.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll referred to his callousness and cruelty, and lack of remorse for the victims.

Arps did not harm anyone. He committed no direct act of violence or aggression. He just didn’t care to mimic the hollow concern-whoring that was decked out in solemnity in the days following the mosque shootings. And for this, he will spend almost two years in prison.


Philip Neville Arps

He said the prospect of rehabilitation, or him changing his views on religion or race is virtually non-existent.

The offending glorified the mass murder carried out under the “pretext of racial hatred”, Judge O’Driscoll said.

“You have strong and unrepentant views towards the Muslim community.

“You committed the offence because of your hostility towards a group based on their religion.”

Judge O’Driscoll said distributing the video the day after the attack demonstrated “particular cruelty and callousness”.

So culpability is now a function of manners and offense, not one of actions and bodily harm or mayhem. In New Zealand, the judicial system is in the business of scolding and legislating legality of bad attitudes.

Big Brother down under, readying itself in the Northern Hemisphere. Be prepared to express charades of sweet nothings and sadness, or you too may find yourself in an orange penal outfit.


Were David and Michelle Paul victims of poisoning? Fiji hopes not…

It’s really unavoidable, the mysteriously sinister undertones. The unknown is scary to normal minds but downright fodder to the innately suspicious mind.

So…a young attractive couple flies to a tropical island and within a day or two, fall gravely ill. There are texts from the stricken spouses as they relay their deteriorating state back home to relatives. Distant ill-fated messages ooze the ominous.

Authorities are trying to determine what killed a holidaying couple in Fiji as it’s revealed they sent a final text message to family before dying.

David Paul, 38, and his wife Michelle, 35, from Texas, were staying at a Sheraton resort in Fiji last month when they both became violently ill.

Both were hospitalised.

Ms Paul’s father Marc Canalog said he received a text message from his daughter on May 24 to say they were in bad shape.

“She told me that they’re sick, and they are vomiting and they have diarrhoea… she told me that her hands are numb,” Mr Canalog said.

He said the couple looked healthy when they dropped off their two-year-old son Ayden before the trip.

Ms Paul died in hospital on May 25 before her husband died two days later.

This story is “old” and has been subject to many interpretations and keyboard sleuthing over the past three weeks. The circumstances of their demise, at once very immediate and accessible, leave us with a smug sense of rare insight; but at once, very unknowable and remote, enigmatic.

David and Michelle Paul

Within 2 days of arriving, the couple was apparently stricken with a “virus” and one day later, Michelle was dead. David, physically stronger, lasted another two days. Whatever killed them was sudden and ferocious.

This article from People magazine perpetuates the predominant narrative surrounding this tragic event: it was an illness.

Their “amazing vacation”, however, turned into a nightmare when the parents of four — David and Michelle share a 2-year-old son and also raise David’s three kids from a past relationship — came down with an unknown illness, sending them both to the hospital.


Unfortunately, it was too late, as Michelle and David both succumbed to the illness they had contracted on the South Pacific island — one so aggressive and deadly that it managed to debilitate two healthy, fit, and young individuals.

I believe Fijian authorities would prefer the microbe angle; that timeline certainly exculpates the island’s role in the couple’s death. Most viral infections this deadly have a substantially longer incubation than 2 days, so it would be nice (for Fiji) to confidently assert the Paul’s infection happened during a period of time they were not on the island.

One of the more laughable conspiracy theories I’ve heard involves Ebola. This is highly doubtful. David Paul’s seeming “resurrection” following the death of his wife and his own initial bout seems to disqualify this: Ebola infection takes you down completely, and in the rare instance of recovery, you’re not going to be back on your feet right away, boasting that you’re “feeling better.”

Most mainstream coverage has defaulted to the disease angle while neglecting another possibility that seems more likely: poisoning. If the couple was murdered, Fiji’s culpability skyrockets in our eyes. Goodbye tourism revenue.

It’s time to expose the emperor’s new Fijian clothes. The Paul’s were most likely poisoned.

Unless they were fungal foragers and stumbled across a mistaken breed?