There are those at THE TOP who relish being there. There are those at THE TOP who love the accompanying boost of power and tyrannical control their position bestows.

And there are those who are not at THE TOP whose ultimate life’s dream is to be at THE TOP. This group can be divided into various stations.

Some of them are patient and possess the drive and ambition and long-term orientation to fight their way to THE TOP. Sorry to say, but getting to THE TOP follows the old axiom of “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.” All the intelligence in the world won’t get you to THE TOP if you lack the drive and work ethic.

The maniacal drive to succeed, the slicing ambition, is what separates cultures. A sadistic instinct to pounce on the less ambitious and drive expensive German or Japanese machinery. This is a cold, ruthless devotion to making goals reality by instituting unyielding itineraries of hard work and ambition. These people are infatuated with THE TOP.

Some folks who are not at THE TOP are the pathologically lazy whose desire to be at THE TOP shreds all logic. Laziness girds their ambition. They seek, find, and formulate backwoods routes to reach THE TOP. Usually their laziness is a finite impediment which prevents them from ever scaling THE TOP. They become so lazy that they resort to finding hollow satisfaction in living an outward existence that makes it appear they are at THE TOP when in fact they are not even close. The ironic thing about this is that such thinking is very profitable for those who in fact are at THE TOP. It behooves those at THE TOP to proliferate the fantasy of living at THE TOP even to those who lack the drive to realize their fantasy. The little hypnotist voice murmurs all day and night into our ears. Seek THE TOP. THE TOP is where you want to be because that is what everyone else wants. It’s an inflicted mantra which does not stand up to scrutiny, but scrutiny is in short supply and ridiculed.

Consider this: some of those at THE TOP are in fact there simply due to the fact that they sell the illusion that THE TOP is attainable, and in fact, preferable.

There are those not at THE TOP who truly do not care to be there. For they alone realize THE TOP is onerous, time-consuming folly. THE TOP does not buy happiness for it is human nature to be unhappy and dissatisfied, and these are the greatest curses of 21st Century man. This is the cultural entropy we all bear. We slip-side down the slope of materialism and affluence and can never find the time to grasp happiness and peace of mind. Especially when we’ve been taught our entire life (by those at THE TOP, of course) that reaching THE TOP will make you a happily satisfied person. Those at THE TOP and the fools striving to join them make up about 85% of the 1st World population. So deeply ingrained is their fixation and the absolute certainty that THE TOP is a penultimate state of crass Nirvana, that they do not comprehend or tolerate those who snub THE TOP. It’s difficult to accept that there are those who are indifferent to THE TOP when you have lived your entire life around worship of THE TOP.