RIAA, MPAA, commandeering the internet to protect their crap product

Hollywood, showbiz…it’s all crap. Movies are crap, music is crap. They had their antiquated, low-tech heyday, a sanctuary from the modern equalizing marketplace of cyberspace. Their time is over. All the crap they produced and made us endure means nothing anymore. They once relished with egotistical pride the self-aggrandizing notion that they actually contributed anything worth note to society. If they drew their crap for free on cave walls, perhaps the legacy might be interesting and worthwhile to generations thousands of years in the future.

Did ancient cave artists get paid well for their work? I wonder.
I doubt it. Perhaps they were rewarded, perhaps there was barter system, perhaps they were surrounded by cavegroupies infatuated with their artistic skills. Who knows. I kinda doubt it.

Artistic expression is a sincere instinct many indulge because they relish the expression, not because they will make a cent, or even 50 from Google AdSense. As a society, we wandered into this cultural architecture over the past few centuries where the rewards doled out to the most prolific artists were obscene. Radio, then television, then the internet, fostered the escalation of cult of celebrity which hoisted celebrities to unnatural and undeserved pinnacles of fame. These people are generally scum and unable to handle the degree of adulation the staggering market hands them. The artistry of expression dies a little each time a famous actor, director or guitarist gets in an embarrassing scrape with the law.

Is this what the MPAA and the RIAA are defending?

Defending the so-called intellectual property of their misfit spawn? Perhaps it’s time for these people to pay the piper, perhaps it’s time they were lucky to make barely enough to put food on the table. Artists, writers, musicians, movie directors, hell with their officious and elitist pretensions. No one should become wealthy doing that crap. Their wealth should be in the form of knowledge and ideas, not currency. The internet is the great equalizer and the artists are staring fate in the eye. Their product has always belonged to humanity but the dearth of technology prevented their product from seeping into every household. Until now. So now their Daddies and Mommies are rushing in to protect them and alter the internet’s landscape so they may selfishly protect their own fallibility.

Hollywood, oozing of imbecilic liberals suddenly finds refuge in iron-fisted authoritarian Big Brother schemes of cultural disruption in order to protect their own piggy banks. Screw them all. They make crap and little of it is worth a dime, much less $12 dollars on a theater’s mammoth screen. Music too, all a bunch of mindless bubble-gum pop garbage that is so bad, we, the consumer, should be paid to listen to even half an album from some immature, misbehaving and arrogant creep who can barely carry a tune, so long as it’s manufactured in the studio.

And the fact they built an entire industry around the hollow product is a damning statement about our society, isn’t it? The house of cards which was once propped by the improbability of creating identical copies of their product in your own bedroom is now tumbling and it will take swaths of the economy down with it. I work in the entertainment industry and though the industry is trying to garner the forces of the digital age to refine its product, it’s this same digital age that will turn their product to mountains of spoiled produce that no one wants.

They can all go to hell, their intellectual property.

How do you claim air?