Procession of marriage

Last year I wrote this little piece about the future course of social evolution, as I saw it.

We can squabble over intricacies all day long and lay blame freely. But how can you do this is in good conscience when the reality of this world clearly tells us that we are only extensions of a cursed legacy stretching back thousands of generations? To argue about the slightest case of blame is empty because essentially we are uniformly reacting with the ancient instincts of our prehistoric forebears.

I thought it might be wise to revisit this observation.

Social evolution is rapid.

Unlike physical or biological evolution, mores shift swiftly. In just one generation an outlook can alter itself into unrecognizable depths.

Marriage is a “modern” institution and it has grown to shape and permeate our modern civilized life. Marriage as a rite of passage has become a formidable force that both shapes and foments future progressions. One married generation leads to another and the values of marriage accumulate and grow exponentially. A generation now holds dearly the legacy of a hundred similar married generations. Each generation is a multiple of wedded ingredients. It is not surprising that marriage propounds certain Christian values because Christians are the ones who founded such a self-preserving article of folly to begin with. Around this sprang groups and organizations and like-minded ambitions and goals. Marriage came to symbolize an image. It came to symbolize possessions and offspring and material success and the indisputable accouterment of conformist success.

Civilization accelerates.
The new wife becomes more powerful and the tendency toward liberal equality grows in concurrence with materialistic prosperity as well.

Women and wives, once sublimated, play a larger role in the home life and begin to dictate boardroom decisions. This was a theory of mine a while back, but it struck me as common sense as well. I work with many management robotons who run off to their wives after work. Man is decayed and shudders at the whim of his wife. He once rebutted this. Now that that the Golden Age of women’s equality is upon us, he begins complying and carries the commands to the office. Women control the office and the middle man is gone forever.

Married men give way to the single woman.