Marketing the cog

I’m here to address a point that most likely no one cares about and definitely doesn’t squander thoughts on…
Except me.

Because I care about such obscure crap. But…tell me. What, and WHO, is the perfect 21st Century corporate employee? How would you describe him? Does an analogy exist, perhaps a metaphor, which so beautifully illustrates this ideal corporate cog which is scientifically designed to ergonomically fulfill all demands of demeaning modern corporate wage slavery?

How would you desecribe him?
This is how I would:

He is a featureless gold Corolla that is individualized by a bar code sticker affixed to his rear pillar window. His color appeals to all and offends an insignificant few. He will not kick up dust and he is interchangeable with the vast array of potential users.

He is not distinctive and his sedate manner befits the role of Impersonal Slave. Slave to millions.

He can be driven and driven, and still, driven, without threat of penalty.
He is not owned by a person.
He is enslaved and marketed by an international firm.
He is faceless solely for his unique number which flashes across all identifying traces.

He is ultimately palatable to the widest range of consumer and he is not chosen for his individuality or dashing effect and ability to distinguish himself. Each night he parks alongside legions of other identically featureless relics of a “fleet” and roused to action in the morning by a buzzer or turn of the key, a rush to fulfill his unconscious desire to please and surmount corny destinations. His interior is immaculate and devoid of personality, past, or fiction. He is magnified by a set of carbonless copies which declare his unmatched existence and the parameters of said existence as well.

He has no home. He is a free agented soul and easily discarded in favor of the next bidder, for his lifespan is cut short. Once his usefulness is upended in a tragically formulaic manner, he is bartered to the next owner.

He is treated like tired cattle and no endearing bonds are formed.

Our corporate embodiment is not an individual. It is the idealization of one. The general marketization of the concept of a consumer. It is a mask we are forced to wear at monetary gunpoint. It’s like the bank tellers robbing us.

We never knew him.