OMD’s heartbreak

The 1980’s represent a bittersweet chunk of my personal history. It was the best and worst of times and very little in between. This also applies to the music of the era. There was some truly horrible music, but there were many musical feats of genius as well. One song I never tire of is the sorrowful and embittered tune from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (mercifully shortened to “OMD” for the rest of us) called “So In Love.”

The song oozes an agonizing sense of loss and melancholia and the lyrics have a poetic sensibility not seen often in pop music.

from LyricsFreak

“So In Love” didn’t cutely or lazily pontificate about the illusion of love but instead dared to deduce a mature vulnerability that we descend into when we “fall in love.” The song does not adulate romance and even touches on the torturous journey of self-surrender we experience in the midst of romantic relationships.

“Heaven is cold without any soul.”

There is no glamour in Love, and the disconnect with reality we experience when in its deepest throes is also its most destructive offering. The song paints Love as a sterile and whitewashed state of existence which suspends reality to narcotic levels. At our own peril. OMD told us back in the 80’s that love was indeed perilous. We enter at our own risk and because we are helpless, we continue to chase it. The icy hands of heaven embrace us and when the embrace is finished we are cast away to try and comprehend this drug which brought us bliss and now brings misery.

And mostly, we are left with the empty realization that our heart is colder and crueler than our soul.